Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsWorld'Jai Sri Ram' is far-right extremism according to Muslim Council of Britain

‘Jai Sri Ram’ is far-right extremism according to Muslim Council of Britain

The Muslim Council of Britain, an interest group that does to safeguard the interests of the Islamic community in the United Kingdom, has asked for strict action against the Hindus of Leicester, saying they provoked Muslims by chanting "Jai Sri Ram" (Victory to Lord Rama) outside mosques and Muslim-majority neighbourhoods. Through a statement, they said,

“Communities have expressed their deep concerns to me around the propaganda perpetuated by far-right groups in India and their Hindutva agenda, which we are now seeing expressed on British streets. These provocations have targeted Muslims, Sikhs, and other minorities and as a result, instigated hostilities between local communities in Leicester.

We do not believe these people represent the views of wider Hindu communities, with whom Muslims and Sikhs, among others, enjoy good relations in the UK, of which Leicester, historically, is a prime example. We condemn attacks against any place of worship or symbols of religion – hatred of any kind has no place in our society. 

We call upon all communities to exercise restraint and for local leaders, including the police and politicians, to listen to the concerns of locals objectively and work constructively to diffuse the situation. We must all remain united as we have been for many years and not let this imported hate divide us.”

Muslims had begun attacking Hindus on 28 August when India won an match against Pakistan. Since then, scores of videos have flooded the online space, showing large Muslim mobs vandalising houses and cars owned by Hindus in different neighbourhoods of Leicestershire. On 18 September, however, a large group of Hindus assembled and marched to protest against the rioting by Muslims.

The protest march, where some Hindus were heard chanting "Jai Sri Ram", was eventually intercepted by Muslims who took possession of their saffron flag and desecrated it.

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To not only Muslims but also several 'secular' Hindus, however, the protest march was "far-right extremism. The Muslim Council of Britain reported the march thus: "At least 47 people have been as of now; tensions still remain among local groups, and demonstrations continue. There is now a concern of this toxic brand of extremism, imported from India, spreading to other cities."

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