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Jaganmohan Reddy: NDA hasn’t got 250 seats that I could pressure Modi

Reddy, during his meeting with PM Narendra Modi, discussed issues related to Andhra Pradesh like special status, economy and central funds

New Delhi: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) chief Jaganmohan Reddy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday at the residence of the latter in Delhi. Reddy then met with BJP president Amit Shah, too—although this meeting was not scheduled. He addressed a press conference at the Andhra Bhavan, Delhi, after the two meetings.

Addressing the press, Reddy said if the BJP had won 250 odd seats, the situation would have been different today. In such a situation, the YSRCP could have placed a condition for supporting the government, which the NDA no longer requires.

Reddy said the YSRCP would have supported a weaker NDA only if the latter agreed to according Andhra Pradesh the special category status.

Reddy’s party YSRCP won 151 out of 175 seats in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly election and 22 out of the 25 Lok Sabha seats.

Reddy, who arrived in Delhi on Sunday, during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, discussed issues related to Andhra Pradesh’s special State status, economic status of the State and funding from the Centre.

After meeting Modi, Reddy met with officials at the Andhra Bhavan. YSRCP MLAs will take the oath of office on 30 May in Vijayawada.

Reddy said, “I did what was needed today. I told the Prime Minister about the condition of Andhra Pradesh.”

About Andhra Pradesh, Reddy said, “When the State was divided, it was indebted by Rs 97,000 crore. Chandrababu Naidu let it increase to Rs 2.58 lakh crore. I told the Prime Minister about the State’s condition. I have asked for support from him. I think Prime Minister Modi has taken the demands positively.”

Regarding alcohol prohibition in Andhra Pradesh, Reddy said, “I am committed to the prohibition of alcohol. I always said that it will be implemented in phases. By 2024, only a fifth of the hotels will be allowed to sell liquor. Only after applying the prohibition will I ask for votes again. We will work according to the promises made in the YSRCP manifesto.”

Reddy met with Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao, too. He said this was the first time that there prevailed a friendly relation between the two States. This is very important for the development of both the States, he added.

“They went have supported the demand for the special status of Andhra Pradesh. It is very important that both of us work together,” Reddy said.

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