Saturday 5 December 2020
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Jack Dorsey of Twitter still cross with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

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Social Media Jack Dorsey of Twitter still cross with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Jack Dorsey has never been Facebook’s biggest fan, and it appears that the Twitter and Square CEO still doesn’t care for the social network or its CEO. The topic came up during Dorsey’s recent appearance on “The Boardroom: Out of Office” podcast, hosted by Rich Kleiman, cofounder of Thirty Five Ventures and manager of NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

Dorsey and Kleiman, who are close friends, discussed a range of topics, including Dorsey’s intense diet, exercise, and meditation regimen and burnout culture among entrepreneurs.

At one point in the episode, Kleiman asked his assistant, Gianni Harrell, what his top-three most-used social media sites were, which Harrell said were Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. When Kleiman turned the question on Dorsey, Dorsey replied, “It’s the exact opposite of that.”

“I don’t really use Instagram,” Dorsey said. “I love what Snapchat has innovated around. I think they’re phenomenal. I don’t use a lot of Facebook products — any, actually.”

When Kleiman asked if he “has beef” with Zuckerberg, Dorsey danced around the question, but seemed to hint that he’s not a fan.

“Uh … there’s different approaches, Rich,” Dorsey said, laughing.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and the fight for social media’s soul

About 10 years ago, Facebook’s founder invited Twitter‘s chief to his Silicon Valley home for dinner and served a goat he’d just killed. Zuckerberg had hunted the animal as part of a famous New Year’s challenge in which he vowed to only eat meat he’d personally slaughtered. When the goat came out, the meat was cold, Dorsey told Rolling Stone last year. “I just ate my salad,” said Dorsey, a finicky eater who practices intermittent fasting.

The home-cooked meal wasn’t just a bizarre interaction between two of Big Tech’s most powerful moguls. It’s an example, granted an extreme one, of a simple fact: Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg do things differently. Those differences, in turn, play out on their freewheeling social networks, which are now at the center of a growing political controversy over misinformation, free speech and content moderation in a world where most people get their news online first.

At the center of that controversy is Trump, an avid Twitter user who’s griped about social media for years even as he’s used the platforms to reach his base. His anger hit a new ceiling this week when he signed an executive order taking aim at Facebook and Twitter. The order sets the stage for discussion to come about whether social media platforms should keep their protected status as distributors of content ― rather than publishers of content ― under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

In the few days after Trump announced his plan to challenge the social media giants, the responses from Dorsey and Zuckerberg couldn’t be more different. Twitter has gone all-in, calling out Trump, flagging his tweets for misleading information about mail-in ballots and for “glorifying violence.” Facebook, meanwhile, has left Trump’s posts on the social network alone, and is seen as trying to mollify the president.

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