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Interactive Astrology Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad...

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

'A dark chapter of my past has unravelled. Will my husband abandon me?' 'Both my children had had failed marriages. Is it my fault?' 'I am unable to make a career choice.' …


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Mumbai: I have been struggling to find a job of my choice for the past one year. Please advise what I ought to do.

Any time after September 2018, you will definitely get a job of your choice. Meanwhile, you should do the puja of Lord Shiva. Every Saturday, go to a temple of Lord Shiva and offer jalabhishek.

Guwahati: I am the mother of a son and a daughter. Both our children have had unsuccessful marriages. My son had got married after 8 years of courtship. Yet the girl could not adjust with us. She divorced my son within a year of their marriage. Some years later, my son married again. They had had a happy life initially, but my daughter-in-law was diagnosed later as unfit for motherhood. This has created a distance between my son and her.

My daughter’s marriage failed after the birth of a son. She and her husband used to fight often, both before and after the birth of their child. Finally, my son-in-law abandoned her.

Is it my fault that both my children had had unsuccessful marriages. What should I do?

It is very difficult to read or predict the marital situations of your son and daughter from your horoscope. Please send the birth details of your son and daughter. As per your kundli, you are very unhappy and depressed. Your physical health is not in a good shape either.

Bhopal: I am not sure whether I should be a fashion designer or an actor. I feel I am good at both. Which of the two careers suits my chart better? Or, do I have other options that I can explore?

As per your horoscope, your best career is in fashion designing but you may try as an actor also but you will not get great success as an actor.

Kolkata: I have been married since December 2006 and have two kids. Life was going smoothly until recently when my husband got a whiff of two of my pre-marital affairs, one of which was very serious. I’d had to abort the child I bore from that relationship. The man resurfaced some days ago, contacted my husband and even shared with him the details of the nursing home where the pregnancy was terminated. It does not seem like my husband would continue with this marriage, but he is not sure whether he or I should have the custody of our children. I want to be assured of our kids’ future.

Your strong Vrihaspati makes you an unlikely candidate for such turmoils in life. However, an adverse dasha at the time of these occurrences in your past could have caused it. A separation or divorce looks quite unlikely in your marital life. Your husband will never forgive you for what he has learnt about your past, but he will not leave you.


The questions and answers may often deal with private aspects of one’s life. Hence, I request every questioner to identify the section in this post that is about him or her from the language of the question. Respecting the privacy of your lives, we are not reproducing the real names.

If one needs some astrological guidance beyond what is sought through the question via email, please seek an appointment by sending your phone number in the second email. If visiting any of my offices physically is not feasible, you may be counselled over the phone.

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Aacharya Kumar Alok
Aacharya Kumar Alok
Scholar of astrology based in Patna with a consultancy branch in Delhi

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