Monday 18 October 2021
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J&K Police asks border residents to shift


Jammu: The Police today sounded a “red alert” and asked border dwellers to move out of their areas as the situation is “sensitive” in wake of continuous shelling by Pakistan troops.

“The administration has sounded a red alert across the area (Jammu region) and asked people to move out”, the Police said in an advisory.

The police further said “villages on the border area of Jammu province are dark and deserted. The area is being continuously shelled. The people fled to safety”. “Innocents are being killed for no fault of theirs. No doubt, in the present scenario, the situation is sensitive, the government is alert and things are taken care of at the government level”, they said.

The police said every government has a great responsibility towards their citizens and the state.

“All the Army, BSF and Police and other forces are fully prepared to deal with but any eventuality but firing is still going on”, the police said.

The police further cautioned people about sharing details on security and said: “The people are advised to keep lights switched off and share no information with strangers in person or in the phone.”

“Do not share the location of the strength of Army, BSF, Police and other security forces with anyone. Do not respond to the unknown numbers even if someone claims to be an or police officer, ” the police said.

The advisory further asked people to take adequate precautionary measures for their security. “We must prepare ourselves for all kind of challenges and make arrangements for the personal security and for that, all of us must take all precautionary measures”, the police said. People must keep their valuables safe and make arrangements for ration, water storage and making bunkers for personal safety so that in case of any eventuality, families can immediately be moved into bunkers, they added.


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