Thursday 28 October 2021
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IUML MP, activist attempt to defame India in Dubai

Journalist-activist Bhasha Singh and IUML MP PV Abdul Wahab tell the audience at a seminar held in Dubai that democracy and secularism are threatened in India; Indian Consul General Vipul walks out


Dubai: In a recently held book launch function of an Indian expat Puthur Rahman, journalist-activist Bhasha Singh and Indian Union Muslim League MP from Kerala, PV Abdul Wahab were present as special guests. The book titled Ismuhu Ahamed, a memoir on Late Union Minister E Ahamed, was released in Dubai recently. During the function, Bhasha Singh said, “We are living in difficult, dangerous times. We need different kinds of tools, different kinds of methodologies to save the country.”

The activist’s statement that she comes from a country where and democracy are threatened embarrassed the audience. Indian Consul General Vipul strongly condemned Singh’s remarks on Indian democracy and government. Speaking at the event, the diplomat reminded the audience that the integrity and strength of Indian democratic system were capable of making course corrections to move ahead.

Later, when the IUML MP began reiterating that Indian democracy and constitution were in danger, the Indian Consul General walked out of the event. This happened minutes before the breaking of roza, the daily Ramzan fast observed by Muslims.

Members of the Indian People Forum strongly reacted to the ugly turn of events. “Such things should not have happened where representatives and diplomats are present. This is a serious issue. We should not encourage such programmes that malign the country and its democratic system. The UAE government, Indian consulate, diplomats and the external affairs department should adopt measures to thwart such functions,” the office bearers of Indian Peoples Forum responded.

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