Friday 1 July 2022
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Isis-K makes video of Nupur Sharma, threatens Taliban for cosying up to India

The Isis-K video moves from the issue of Nupur Sharma and Jahangirpuri demolitions to the Taliban, criticising the new regime in Afghanistan for trying to develop diplomatic ties with India

The Islamic State Khorasan Province (Isis-K) has jumped on to the paedophilia-by-prophet row sparked by now-suspended BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma, with the affiliate of Isis or Daesh releasing a 10-minute video focussing on India and alleged blasphemy issues involving the lawyer-cum-politician.

The video made by Isis-K, titled “Polytheists are Brothers of Polytheists,” features and the demolition drive in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri in which a part of a mosque, among other illegal buildings, was razed after Muslims rioted when a Hanuman Jayanti procession passed through the neighbourhood dominated by followers of the self-certified religion of peace. In the news bulletin by Isis-K’s mouthpiece al Azaim Foundation, the terror outfit threatens to target Hindus to avenge the insult of the prophet of Islam.

“The video features Nupur Sharma, the national spokesperson of the BJP and houses of Muslims bulldozed. It then features previous statements of ISKP suicide bombers who were Indian. Threatening to conduct attacks against India wherever possible,” news handle The Khorasan Diary posted on Twitter.

The Isis-K goes on to criticise the Taliban, particularly Defence Minister of Mullah Yaqoob, for his interview with an Indian news television channel and Finance Minister Amir Muttaqi for his meeting with the Indian charge d’affairs in for trying to establish diplomatic relations with India.

The video highlights last year’s attack on Kabul airport and the attack on Gurudwara in March 2020, threatening to carry out more such attacks. The video says that the Taliban would fail to protect Hindus from them, as they failed to protect Shi’ahs.

Previously, in the Subcontinent (AQIS) threatened suicide attacks in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and to “fight for the dignity of our prophet”. In a threat letter dated 6 June, AQIS warned that “saffron terrorists should now await their end in Delhi and Bombay and in UP and Gujarat.”

The remarks by Sharma and another BJP member, Naveen Jindal, despite being a historical fact that even a hadith of Sahih al Bukhari authenticates, snowballed into a global controversy after West Asian nations raised the matter with Indian missions. The issue also triggered a widespread Muslim protest in India, demanding arrest of Nupur Sharma, whereas support for the beleaguered woman is gradually building up, ironically beginning with a foreigner, Dutch MP Geert Wilders, speaking up in her defence and condemning Islam.

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