Saturday 10 April 2021
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CrimeISIS emerges as most probable killer of Kamlesh Tiwari

ISIS emerges as most probable killer of Kamlesh Tiwari

The assailants who came to kill Kamlesh Tiwari were carrying two kinds of weapons, a knife and a gun, but they did not shoot and kill him

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Pro-Hindu activist Kamlesh Tiwari, who was murdered in broad daylight today in Lucknow, had been on the hit list of terrorist organisation ISIS. This was revealed in the interrogation of two ISIS terrorists who were killed by Gujarat ATS (anti-terror squad) in the year 2017.

The terrorists’ bosses showed them a YouTube video of Kamlesh and said, “We have to kill him.”

The investigating agency of Gujarat had mentioned this in the charge sheet filed in the court against the terrorists. After the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari in Khurshid Bagh of Naka today, the Uttar Pradesh ATS is now exploring the ISIS angle to the murder.


Kamlesh Tiwari murdered: Another case of brazen jihad?

On 25 October 2017, Gujarat ATS had arrested Mohammad Qasim Stimberwala and Ubaid Ahmad Mirza from Surat. The ATS had said that they were associated with the terrorist organisation ISIS and were working on a plan of attack at the Jewish synagogue in Khadia area of ​​Ahmedabad.

On 20 April 2018, the investigating agency filed a charge sheet against the two terrorists. It was reported that Qasim Stimberwala worked as a lab technician in a hospital in Ankleshwar while Ubaid Ahmed Mirza was a lawyer in Surat district court and was also running a hotel.

The Gujarat ATS had mentioned all the points made in the investigation and inquiry in its 1,500-page charge sheet.

Tiwari was mentioned in the charge sheet, too. According to the report, Ubaid Mirza confessed that the handlers of those people had shown him the video of Tiwari in which he was making “provocative” statements about Prophet Mohammad. In the footage available with the ATS, they heard the handler say, “We have to kill him.”

Murder ISIS-style

Kamlesh Tiwari killed
This image of the victim shows a halaal-like slitting of the throat

The attackers who came to kill Kamlesh Tiwari were carrying two kinds of weapons: a knife and a gun. But they did not shoot and kill him. Rather, they brutally stabbed him and slit his throat to death.

The killers first stabbed Tiwari in his cheek, chin and the chest four to five times and finally slit his throat halāl-style as Muslim butchers kill animals before slaughtering them.

This method of killing is an SoP of terrorists affiliated to the ISIS.

The police are following the trail of the suspects to check whether they had been indoctrinated and trained by the most dreaded Islamic terror group in the world at the moment.

Investigation so far has revealed that the assassins had arrived with a box of sweets. It was purchased from a sweets shop in Surat on 16 October. The police are investigating the terrorist connection in the case.

Kamlesh Tiwari’s servant Swarashtrajit Singh told the media that the attackers talked to Tiwari over the phone for 10 minutes before arriving at his house. Tiwari’s security guard was asleep when the attackers reached the spot. Both men went directly to meet Tiwari. They talked to Kamlesh Tiwari for about half an hour, then took a knife out of the box of sweets.

The assailants stabbed Tiwari on the chest and his face 15 times and then slit his throat.

The police have recovered some CCTV footage in which the assailants in saffron kurta-pyjama are seen approaching the house of Tiwari by the main road in the Khurshid Bagh area of Lucknow.

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