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ISIS changes Caliph again: Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Quraishi

Ignoring Qardash, who had been appointed by Baghdadi, suggests ISIS has panicked following the killing of Muhajir, another Caliph-designate

Panicked by the killing of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and his ‘successor’ Abu al Hassan al Muhajir on successive days, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Syria) (ISIS) has revised its decision on its leadership. Their supreme commander will no longer be al Haj Abdullah Qardash whom al Baghdadi had appointed as his successor in August. It will be Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Quraishi.

The ISIS has confirmed the death of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi announced by US President Donald Trump. The Islamist militant group also announced the name of Baghdadi’s successor on Thursday. Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Quraishi is the ‘new caliph’.

An audio release from ISIS social media accounts was released that day. There are statements by Abu Hamza Al Quraishi, a spokesman of the Islamic militant outfit. In an audio statement, the ISIS spokesman confessed to Baghdadi’s death, naming their new Khalifa. Abu Hassan al Muhajir was a former spokesman of the terrorist outfit. The ISIS has confirmed he was killed, too.

The ISIS statement poses a fresh threat to the US. Referring to the US president as a “stubborn old man”, an ISIS spokesman warned of a wary day, worse than what has been led by Baghdadi. He said that one of the heads of the Islamic State has been wiped out in Baghdadi’s death, but the organisation is alive.

US President Donald Trump had on 29 October claimed that one of Baghdadi’s successors in the Islamic terror outfit was killed just two days after ISIS chief Abu Bakr al Baghdadi blew himself up. International media that day quoted Trump as claiming that one of the descendants of the Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, was killed by US troops. The American president claimed that the leader was the No. 1 successor to Baghdadi.

Trump had added that the leader was supposed to be replaced by his successor in the ISIS in Baghdadi. “Now he’s dead,” the POTUS had said triumphantly. Trump did not name the killed ISIS leader but on Monday, the United States confirmed that Abu al Hassan al Mujahid was killed.

World leaders have called for caution since the end of the US operation to eliminate Baghdadi. They think ISIS could pose a threat to the world in retaliation.

Al Baghdadi, the founder and head of the militant group ISIS, was on the American radar for a long time. On 27 October, the US Special Forces launched an airstrike targeting a secret hideout in Baghdad, Syria’s northwestern region. Suicide vest was worn by an IS leader during that campaign. He later died of the explosion.

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