Thursday 3 December 2020
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ISIS attack on police likely during lockdown: Intel

After inciting riots in Delhi against the CAA, Islamic terror outfits want members of the community to turn human bombs

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Crime ISIS attack on police likely during lockdown: Intel

Terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) may target the police during the lockdown imposed nationwide to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. Delhi DCP (Special Cell) Sanjeev Kumar Yadav said on 1 April that soon police personnel posted across the city will be alerted about the imminent attack.

Police have been deployed at various places to maintain law and order during the lockdown. Security in Delhi had been spruced up after the 21-day lockdown was announced.

In many places, police are barricading and stopping those who violate the lockdown. It is also addressing problems faced by people during the lockdown — especially in guiding them to places from where they can avail of essential items for sustenance.

Two ISIS suspects were arrested in March

Delhi Police had arrested a Kashmiri couple linked to the Khorasan module of the ISIS on 8 March. Delhi Police suspected then that the demonstrations against the amended citizenship law (CAA), which had turned into riots, had some association with terrorist organisation ISIS. The couple — Jahanzeb Sami and Hina Bashir Baig — was found inciting demonstrators against the CAA.

The couple wanted to use the demonstrations against the CAA for terrorist attacks by inciting Muslim youth. The police also got electronic gadgets and jihadi documents from them. These people were in contact with the top leaders of ISIS-KP in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the government has so far quarantined 1,339 people in Delhi, of whom 23 new cases were reported on Tuesday after 25 cases had been found on Monday.

Here, more than 5,000 people visited the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin area from 1 to 15 March. These included people from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and 15 states of the country.

Even after the announcement of the lockdown on 22 March, nearly 3,000 people were staying here.

Hundreds of people who returned from the markaz (centre) have been found infected. Now the police are busy tracking all the people involved in the Jamaat. About 1,800 of tablighis have been tracked and sent to quarantine camps already.

Intelligence agencies suspect some of those who had attended the Tablighi Jamaat event had ISIS connections and that the open defiance of the lockdown was a result of the terror organisation’s or other Islamic terror groups’ instructions to them to turn into virtual human bombs, which they could do even as carriers of coronavirus.

Earlier today, associates of Tabligh Jamaat, quarantined at two different centres in Delhi, spat at doctors, medical staff and attendants whereas those in Muzaffarnagar found violent support from villagers who attacked Uttar Pradesh Police.

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