Thursday 30 June 2022
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IRCTC introduces major changes for online railway booking

An IRCTC spokesperson said the new arrangements will allow passengers to book tatkal and regular tickets easily apart from cancelling them

In a major relief, passengers who were booking train tickets online on the IRCTC website or the app and then cancelling it will not have to wait for two-three days to get their refund. A report said that passengers who book tickets through IRCTC’s payment gateway IRCTC-ipay, will get their immediately after they cancel it. IRCTC-ipay was launched in 2019 as a part of the central government’s Digital India Campaign. The IRCTC has upgraded its website in this regard.

IRCTC spokesperson said the new arrangements will allow passengers to book tatkal and regular tickets easily apart from cancelling them. The official said that keeping in view the increasing number of railway passengers, the IRCTC has upgraded its user interface along with the IRCTC-ipay feature because of which it is taking less time to book tickets.

Here is how you can book tickets through IRCTC-ipay:

Open the IRCTC website (

Fill all journey related details

Select the train as per your route

Log into the website using your credentials.

Enter passenger details

Select mode of payment. Here passengers will have to choose the IRCTC ipay option

Click on Pay and Book.

Enter credit card/debit card/prepaid card/ details

After payment, the ticket will be immediately booked and the confirmation will be sent through an and email.

IRCTC had earlier launched a new feature for its website and mobile app in which the users/railway passengers can get an instant of their cancelled tickets thus saving a considerable amount of time after the ticket is cancelled by the user. This gives financial freedom to customers who want to do the subsequent bookings on the same/next day without worrying for credit of the refund amount into their bank account from IRCTC.

IRCTC has recently upgraded its user interface of the internet ticketing website of rallways for seamless booking experience.

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