Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Iranian Muslim grows ganja in Bengaluru; Firstpost defames Hindus

The site reported the arrest of the Iranian Muslim as: 'Bengaluru-based MBA, inspired by Lord Shiva, grows ganja in fish tanks at home…'


The Central Crime Branch arrested a 35-year-old Muslim man from in Bengaluru on 28 September in the morning from a private villa near Bidadi on the outskirts of the city for growing cannabis using a hydroponic model. However, reporting the arrest, Firstpost gave a headline to the report that went: “Bengaluru-based MBA, inspired by Lord Shiva, grows ganja in fish tanks at home with LED lights”!

Cops were shocked to see what the suspect, Javad Rostampour, who had come to Bengaluru in 2010, was up to in his mansion. A thorough interrogation unveiled the truth of the matter.

According to the authorities, Javad had come to Bengaluru in 2010 to study. He completed his MBA from a private college in Kalyan Nagar and moved into a house in Kammanahalli.

Over a period of time, he claimed he was inclined towards some cult that he thought comprised devotees of Lord Shiva and followed their practice of consuming marijuana, which is banned in India. About three years ago, he started using drugs and eventually began supplying them to his friends and other sources.

A senior police official, who refused to be named, said that the Muslim foreigner was a “very clever guy”. He, according to the official, had bought a few books on marijuana. He also did an extensive online research on cannabis from the way to process it and other related things for over six months.

About a year ago, when the city police busted a huge drug racket in Bengaluru, the scared Iranian Muslim moved from Kamanahalli to Bidadi. During the lockdown, he found it difficult to source drugs and this is when his research and knowledge came handy. Clearly, from his confession, there is no connection between his illicit acts and the Shaiva belief system that commands a huge following among Hindus, none of whom grow ganja at home or elsewhere. But Firstpost thought otherwise.

Sensing an opportunity, the Muslim man decided to grow his own cannabis during the lockdown and mint money. He set up a hydroponic model to grow cannabis in his house; he ordered multiple LED lights, necessary chemicals to process the drug and 60 seeds via the dark web from Europe. He put the first seed in his fish tank and in a short while, the seeds sprouted giving hope to Javad.

Bengalurubased MBA inspired by Lord Shiva grows ganja in fish tanks at home with LED lights

He took good care of his plants and started harvesting them. His friends helped him supply the hydro-ganja to customers.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Bengaluru City, Sandeep Patil, Javad grew a total of 130 plants and had a very sophisticated set-up for them.

Each gram of this drug costs around Rs 3,000- 4,000.

His empire began crumbling when the police arrested two youths in DJ Halli on the pretext of transporting drugs. They turned out to be Javad’s friends and they revealed the source of drugs as his house.

Following this information, police raided the villa and found an entire plantation. Four drug peddlers were arrested in connection to this case out of which two were Iranian overstaying on student visas, confirmed Patil.

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