Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsWorldIranian journalists arrested for reporting Mahsa Amini’s fate

Iranian journalists arrested for reporting Mahsa Amini’s fate

An Iranian print journalist, among the leading scribes who extensively covered the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the police of that country, is in solitary confinement. Niloufar Hamedi was arrested after breaking the news that Amini, 22, was in following her arrest this month for “unsuitable attire” by the police force, which enforces the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code. 

Hamedi is one of several reporters detained during the country’s worst protests since 2019. A number of reporters and photographers have been arrested since protests involving violent clashes between demonstrators and police broke out on 16 September.

Following Hamedi's reports that Amini, from the Iranian Kurdish city of Saqez, had been transferred to Kasra Hospital, Hamedi published a photo of her parents hugging each other in the corridor, which spread rapidly online.

Amini’s subsequent death, following several blows to the head, prompted demonstrations across more than a hundred towns and cities in Iran.

Mohammad Hossein Ajorlou, Hamedi’s husband, said in a tweet that she was being interrogated in Evin without being informed of the charges against her. He was permitted a short phone call with her yesterday.

Hamedi helped break the story for the Tehran-based reformist daily Shargh, and was arrested in a raid on the couple’s home last Thursday by Ministry of Information agents.

Local reported that the agents ransacked the property and confiscated their laptops and mobile phones.

More than 41 people, including members of the police and a pro-government militia, have died during the protests, according to state media. Iranian human rights groups reported a much higher toll.

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