Thursday 28 October 2021
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Iran after China accused of under-reporting coronavirus cases

BBC Persian reported, citing hospital sources, that 210 people had died in the pandemic in Iran, which the Iranian health ministry has described as baseless


Various organisations in Western countries, including the media, have accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of concealing the number of deaths from the pandemic. After China, Iran is the with the highest number of deaths. And like Iran now, China had been accused of suppressing the real magnitude of the pandemic novel coronavirus disease.

Two days ago, London-based BBC Persian said 210 people had died in Iran. The media house claimed to have collected these figures from sources.

However, the Health Ministry of Iran described the figures as baseless.

Likewise, multiple agencies had complained or inadvertently divulged that China was suppressing information about the real magnitude of the pandemic.

It was alleged the coronavirus could have leaked from a military laboratory that was preparing China for biological warfare.

The exiled organisation People’s Mujahideen claims that more than 300 people have died due to the epidemic and more than 15,000 people have been infected across the country. Iran considers People’s Mujahideen a terrorist organisation.

Elsewhere, the first deaths from coronavirus have been confirmed in the US and Australia. US health officials said Saturday that an infected patient died in Washington after the detection of the first four cases. King County, the most populous area in the state, has reported this casualty.

The US has imposed new travel restrictions as a precautionary measure against Iran, Italy and South Korea.

In Italy, 1,049 people have been infected so far while the death toll has risen to 29 after eight more people died on Sunday.

The Italian authority has quarantined 543 infected patients.

In South Korea, 376 more people have been reported infected. The number of infected people in the has increased to 3,526. South Korea has the highest number of people infected by the coronavirus after China.

Many ceremonies and church prayer meetings have been cancelled due to the pandemic. More than 70 countries have imposed travel restrictions on South Korea.

Meanwhile, a 78-year-old man who was evacuated from a stranded Diamond Princess cruise in Japan in Australia died in a in Perth on Sunday. His 79-year-old wife is undergoing treatment in the hospital. She was also on a cruise with her husband.

India had rescued its nationals and foreigners from the same ship last week.

Neighbouring Myanmar has announced it is providing 200 tonnes of rice to China, which is battling the coronavirus pandemic. The consignment was handed over to Chinese Ambassador Chen Hai in Myanmar on Sunday.

This consignment of rice is meant for the Hubei province where the epicentre of the outbreak Wuhan lies. On this occasion, Myanmar Deputy Commerce Minister Aung Htu said, “We feel what China does because of our brotherly relations.”

China thanked Myanmar’s government and the people there for helping in the fight against the dreaded novel coronavirus infection.

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