Wednesday 7 December 2022
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EconomyBusinessiPhone 14 may support satellite connectivity

iPhone 14 may support satellite connectivity

Grapevines in the market about iPhone 14 are growing as Apple's Far Out event draws close, with the tech giant expected to launch its latest phone on 7 September. Here is a sneak peek into four features that are likely to make the product stand out:

Satellite connectivity in iPhone 14

Bloomberg reported that Apple was working to enable satellite connectivity on the iPhone 14. This will be used in emergency situations, letting users send out SOS text messages if they were to find themselves in trouble when the is weak or non-existent.

A satellite communications consultant for Telecom as well as -based research firm, Tim Farrar, backs the claim. He says Apple will announce a with Globalstar for the connectivity at its event.

Globalstar is an American communications company that provides mobile satellite services such as voice and through its satellite network.

Cooling system in iPhone 14

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has said the new 2022 iPhone 14 will include a vapour chamber cooling system for better thermal management.

According to notes that MacRumors obtained, Kuo said that Apple was testing a solution that would fit the iPhone 14. The concept of a vapour chamber system is not novel. The has been part of many high-end Android devices for a while now. For Apple, it will be a first.

More storage

Apple started offering customers 1TB of internal storage in the iPhone 13. If the speculation is to be believed, it is likely to continue with it in iPhone 14. Some reports have said that the "Pro" version of the iPhone 14 may offer 2TB of internal storage.

Support for WiFi 6E standard

WiFi 6E is the latest wireless fidelity (WiFi) standard, offering faster network speeds and support for handling even more devices on a single network.

While several Android phones have support for the new connectivity standard, Apple didn't include it in the iPhone 13 but then the company has been slow at adapting to new standards.

Apple has not confirmed any of these features and some may not make it into the product at all. We will update you if they do not.

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