Saturday 25 September 2021
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IOC uses digital tech, drones to monitor 15,000 km pipeline

In order to further augment the security of its pipelines, Indian Oil Corporation has undertaken digital initiatives like the optical fibre-based PIDWS

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has deployed a 24×7 monitoring system to oversee its 15,000 km network of pipelines, prevent fuel theft and disruption. Sharing the information through a press release, the corporation said it closely monitored the pipeline flow, pressure parameters and trends through an Instrumentation and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (ISCDA) system.

Additionally, a leak detection system of the IOC ensures 24X7 analysis to identify tentative vulnerable points, it added.

“Moreover, a comprehensive system of physical inspection of the entire network on foot by line patrolmen and DGR guards are also in place. Their is monitored through Global Positioning System-enabled devices. The existing of Way (ROW) of the pipelines is also mapped through geo-fencing,” the IOC release read.

Digital initiative by IOC

In order to further augment the security of its pipelines, the IOC has undertaken digital initiatives like the optical fibre-based Pipeline Intrusion Detection and Warning System (PIDWS). This system is presently under implementation on 5,474 km of its pipeline length, functional for 997 km and the remaining will be commissioned by 2022-23, as per the release.

Security protocols

The corporation is also exploring several other innovative security protocols to enhance pipeline security, like the ‘Negative Pressure Wave Type Leak/Pilferage Detection System’.

Recently, drones have been deployed along the 120 km Delhi-Panipat Section of the Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline and live feed from the drones is monitored.

In 2020-21, police arrested 53 people against 34 pipeline pilferage attempts across the country. A theft attempt on petroleum pipelines at Sonipat was foiled on 17 August using PIDWS.

IOC operates a network of more than 15,000 km long crude oil, petroleum product and gas pipelines with a throughput capacity of 94.56 million metric tonnes per annum of oil and 21.69 million metric standard cubic meters per day of gas. Cross- pipelines are globally recognized as the safest, cost-effective, energy-efficient and -friendly mode for transportation of crude oil and petroleum products.

As a pioneer in oil pipelines in the country, managing one of the world’s largest oil pipeline networks, IOC achieved a throughput of 76.019 million metric tonnes during the year 2020-21.

IOC added 337 km of additional pipeline length during the year 2020-21, as part of its plans to continuously expand the network in line with in business. Projects currently under implementation would further increase the length of the pipelines network to about 21,000 km, and throughput capacity to 102 million tonnes per annum.

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