Tuesday 30 November 2021
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Interfaith Marriage Fraught With Risks Even Sans Love Jihad

Inter-faith marriages are being utilised as tools to facilitate irreversible changes to India's religious demography by the vested interests who dream of 'Abrahamising' India and finally complete their unfinished agenda


Nithin Sridharhttp://indiafacts.org/
Trained civil engineer, journalist by passion, theologian

In the last few months, a number of cases of love jihad has come into light including the recent murder of Nikita Tomar, a 21-year-old student from Ballabhgarh on 27 October. In many cases, boys from the ‘community that shall not be named’ take up Hindu names, entrap Hindu girls in ‘love’ and then convert them and perform nikah (Islamic wedding, which is contractual in nature) with them. If the girl resists at any stage, things go south as it happened in Tomar’s case. However, there have been cases where love jihad has transformed into rape jihad. And then, there are also instances where Hindu women have voluntarily fallen in love with men from the samudāy vishesh. That love jihad is dangerous is a given and any sensible person will see it as such. However, what most Hindus, especially young women, don’t seem to understand is how not just love jihad, but the very idea of interfaith marriage is deeply problematic at multiple levels — personal, familial, social, legal, religious and civilisation. the Hindu civilisation is especially in a disadvantaged position in these interfaith marriage games while the Abrahamics are almost always in an advantageous position.

Being in love is a wonderful experience. So, it is not surprising that young men and women find love bewitching and choosing one’s life-partner liberating. There is nothing wrong with this per se. However, what leads to problems and complications is the immature and reckless pursuit of what one considers love without a care for one’s family, one’s own self and, most importantly, without sparing a thought to possible consequences of one’s actions.

Consider the cases of love jihad that have come to light. In many of these cases, even those where the boys from samudāy vishesh faked their names, the agenda of these boys would not have become successful, even partially, if the said girls were more careful in the initial stages and had tried to do thorough background checks with the help of friends. This is not an attempt to blame the victims, but only to point out how naivety among young Hindus makes them an easy target for those in the business of waging jihad through love.

The root cause of the problem is, of course, the secular narrative of ‘all religions are same and equal’ (ARSE as my friend Rohit Arya calls it) that has been fed through media and education system. The failure of parents to sensitise their about these dangers and cultivate pride in our civilisation is another reason. Ignorance about the ground reality, combined with utopian notions and lack of affinity to Hindu civilisation and identity, makes Hindu youngsters sitting ducks.

Even if we are to ignore the extreme cases of love jihad, how many young Hindu women realise the kind of life changes she would be put through if she were to go through nikah? What about completely discarding Hindu way of life, Hindu deities that she may have worshipped, the Hindu rituals and practices? What about adopting an alien way of life, one which is restrictive and misogynistic in nature? Does a young Hindu woman realize that marrying a Muslim implies she would be subject to Islamic laws like triple talaq, halala, etc. which puts women in a highly disadvantaged position? Do they realise that marrying out of implies that their would no longer be Hindu? The children who would have been inheritors of this great and knowledge treasure of Sanatana Dharma would be bereft of it and instead will be made to follow desert cults?

Hindus are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to interfaith marriages. One, we are not a missionary religion; so we hardly think in terms of numbers. Two, the ARSE narrative has so much ‘dhimmified‘ Hindus that we cannot differentiate a friend from a butcher who has come to slaughter us.

Three, mostly these inte-faith marriages are unidirectional. It is the Hindu women who convert and marry the Abrahamics and rarely the reverse. Worse, in the few cases where the reverse has happened, the Hindu boys had to either convert or were sent away to a place of no return. Very rarely do we get to hear that Hindu boy married a girl from Abrahamic faiths and converted her to Hinduism. Even rarer, perhaps non-existent, are the instances wherein a Hindu girl married a boy from an Abrahamic faith and converted her husband to Hinduism. Four, most Hindus, including our leadership are myopic. They hardly understand that we are at a civilization war with the Abrahamics for the last 1200 years.

We are the last polytheistic civilisation still standing and resisting the monotheistic war upon the pagan world. The Abrahamic people are playing a long and playing to win. The demographic change that is happening across India is almost irreversible. By 2050-2070, Hindus could be in minority in large sections of India. Turning a blind eye to this reality will not going to help us. Either we play the long and play it to win, and ensure that we win it, or we are up for slaughter.

Interfaith marriages are being utilised as tools to facilitate irreversible changes to India’s religious demography by the vested interests who dream of ‘Abrahamising’ India and finally complete their unfinished agenda. The biggest evidence for this is the prevalence of love jihad across India which could not have happened if there was no systematic adoption of Love jihad as a modus operandi to target Hindu women all across India.

If Hindu women are not cautious and aware about the dangers and are not equipped physically and mentally to protect themselves, nobody else can.

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