Tuesday 17 May 2022
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Instagram launches auto-captioning sticker in ‘Stories’

Instagram started rolling out a feature to prevent users from viewing possibly abusive messages by filtering offensive words, phrases and emojis on the photo-sharing app

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is rolling out a new sticker to Stories that allows English-speaking users to add auto-generated captions to their videos. The company said it will start testing automated captions in Reels soon.

Captions have been available in IGTV and the Threads app, and Instagram said it`s adding them to Stories and Reels to make them more efficient and inclusive to watch.

The feature should be a welcome addition for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, are not native English speakers, or just generally watch videos without sound, The Verge reported.

The edit option lists each word of the captions separately. You can tap on individual words to make adjustments. Like other text options in Stories, users can adjust the style and color of the captions after they`re generated.

People can edit individual words in the captions to correct spelling, punctuation, or any words that weren`t transcribed accurately. Auto captions rarely have perfect accuracy, especially for people with accents or atypical speech, so editing is crucial.

There`s currently no option to have the text highlighted for better visual contrast, but you can use the Draw tool or a sticker behind the captions to make them easier to see.

Other platforms and services have recently added or improved auto-captioning options. Zoom, Google Meet and Teams all offer automated captions for video calls. Google expanded its Live Caption feature across the Chrome in March and launched automatic captions for US English and Japanese last month.

Notably, Instagram added auto-captions for IGTV uploads last year. It transcribes the videos, and end-users can view auto-generated subtitles in English.

Facebook has been offering auto-captions on video uploads since 2017, but more recently, it added the feature for Facebook Live and Workplace Live as well.

Last month, Instagram had started rolling out a feature to prevent users from viewing possibly abusive messages by filtering offensive words, phrases and emojis on the photo-sharing app. The company had said that along with the filter option for abusive direct messages, it would also make it harder for people blocked by users to circumvent and contact them through new accounts.

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