Inflation: Pilot slams PM Modi, time to track Modi govt’s performance

Pilot claimed and said the Congress has always raised voice for the people and protested against the "anti-people decisions" of the BJP government

Jaipur: Rajasthan Congress Chief Sachin Pilot today hit out at the BJP government at the centre over rising prices of petrol and diesel saying it has set a “new benchmark of inflation and its policies have broken common people’s back”.

He alleged that that BJP ministers and leaders are silent at a time when prices of petrol and diesel are rising continuously.

Petrol and diesel prices were raised for the 12th day in succession today as the state-owned oil firms gradually passed on to the consumer the increased cost of international oil that had accumulated since a 19-day freeze was imposed just before Karnataka elections.

“Riding high on promises to reduce inflation, the BJP was voted to power. But, its government has set new benchmarks of inflation and its policies have broken back of the common people,” Pilot said.

On the heels of Sachin pilot’s attack on the inflation front, it will be worthwhile to look at the performance of Modi government in last four years. When Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India in May 2014, retail inflation was still hovering at 8.33%.

The Retail inflation has been well and truly managed in last fours with average consumer inflation is just 4.5%, well within the mandated inflation limit advocated by former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan and approved by the Parliament.

It seems that Sachin Pilot has forgotten the spiralling double-digit retail inflation during UPA 2. The average consumer price inflation was almost 10% for the second term of Manmohan Singh which was one major reason to sink the Congress boat in 2014.

When Manmohan Singh took over power in 2004, retail inflation was below 4% which has always been preferred by economic pundits and monetarist economists. Manmohanmics piloted retail inflation to a high of almost 13% and it averaged 8% in 10 years of UPA rule. All the hard work done by the Vajpayee government has gone in vain. The economy is still trying to recover from that onslaught.

Do pilot or Congressmen have a moral authority to question this government on the inflation front? Two things the United Progressive Alliance will always find difficult to shrug off were the numerous scams that happened over the ten years of UPA rule and the high prices.