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Indore intrigue: 14 Muslims die of COVID; graveyard receives 120 corpses

The municipality has asked for the registers of cemeteries at Mhow Naka, Chandannagar, Noorani Nagar, Luniyapura and Sirpur for a probe

Indore graveyard riddle

So far 16 victims of disease (COVID) have died in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 14 of these people belonged to the Muslim community. But in a shocking revelation, graveyard statistics of the past six days show, at the rate of about 20 funerals or more a day, the qabristans of Indore have received more than 120 corpses.

Puzzled by these figures, Indore Collector Manish Singh says that the administration was studying the mismatch and that it will institute an investigation into the intrigue soon.

Singh said that, according to what has been learnt so far, all the dead did not show symptoms of COVID. However, he said also that if these figures were found incorrect, the Indore administration would take action against those who released the data.

An uneasy calm has descended in Indore where policemen and health workers were abused and assaulted in several places over the past week. Several Muslim neighbourhoods have turned into COVID hotspots, yet the community has collectively been behaving recklessly in observing the lockdown.

Indore municipality to compare figures of 5 years

Collector Singh said that the city administration would carry out a comparative study of this year’s numbers with the data of the last five years. “Whether or not the probe is conducted will depend on whether the death rate this month looks odd,” Singh said, adding, “Only then can the correct picture be known.”

According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, all these Muslim cemeteries are situated in one area that was quarantined with the apprehension that it had become an epicentre of the infectious COVID. After the knowledge of such a large number of dead people, the municipality has asked for the registers kept in the cemetery at Mhow Naka, Chandannagar, Noorani Nagar, Luniyapura and Sirpur.

The Municipal Corporation is also investigating the sudden increase in the number of people. The corporation believes the managements of Muslim graveyards are misrepresenting the figures.

Dr Natwar Sarada, in charge of cemeteries under the corporation, says that data come to him every 21st day. He said, “I do not agree with media reports. The issue will be investigated and, after that, the correct picture will be presented.”

Mubarak Bhai of Naka’s graveyard in Mahw said that, in the last few days, suddenly the number of corpses has increased. Yesterday, he buried three dead bodies.

Nasir Shah of Khajranarana cemetery says that the number is increasing in this graveyard too. He said he had sent the figures to the municipal corporation.


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