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Yoga big hit in Nigeria


Lagos: An Indo-Naija Yoga Fest has just been concluded in Nigeria. At the event in Lagos, people practised yoga with great enthusiasm as they have been doing of late in this country even while observing winter festivities like Christmas and the New Year Day, the second of which is just about a week away.

Nigerians are experiencing the immediate psychological effects of yoga: decreasing anxiety and increased feelings of emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. The local population is taking up yoga also as a form of mind-body exercise. It’s a widespread therapy used to maintain wellness and alleviate a range of health problems and ailments.

Yoga demonstrations had started at the event with the lighting of ceremonial lamps and prayer for the world’s health and prosperity. Participants of a yoga competition held at the venue were judged by the way of their performance to reach the final stage of asana, perfect postures, exhibition of methods, the time for which one stayed in a given asana and the contestant’s return to the original posture.

Saloni Khule became the Winner of the Yoga Competition in the First group. In the first group. Anoushaka Srivastava became the second runner-up, Megha Dokania became the first runner-up. The second group started with a beautiful performance by the Madoka Yoga Well Being Initiative and a family group comprising Rajendra Srinivas, Ramyashree Rajendra and Shreekasa Rajendra.

In the second group, which had certified participants, Mukesh Kumar became the second runner-up; the Rajendra family became the first runner-up while Kachi from the Abia State of Nigeria became the winner of the competition in the second group.

Awards were presented to outstanding yoga enthusiasts and committed members of the Afro-Asian Development Community as well as sponsors of the event. There were bouncing castles, food games for and adults that graced the occasion.

President of the Afro-Asian Community Initiative for Development and Indo-Naija Yoga Fest Sanjayvipul Srivastava stated this at the 2017 Indo-Naija Yoga Festival which took place at the Indian Embassy in Lagos with about 400 Nigerians along with 15 other nationalities living in the city including diplomats of various countries.

Sanjayvipul added, “Yoga offers an effective method of managing and reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Numerous studies demonstrate the efficacy of yoga on mood-related disorders.”

General secretary of the 2017 chapter of the fest Pravin Kumar said, “The event was a great success and I am happy that Nigerians not only welcomed but conceived our thought on yoga, which was the sole purpose of the event.”

He said, “We want to promote yoga to families and encourage the country to start the day with yoga, which does not take more than 20 minutes a day and you can easily spare time for it.”

According to some reports, “about 2 billion people in the world are regular practitioners of yoga but we are not happy with it. we want all 7.2 billion people to be practicing yoga consciously”, Kumar said.

The fest was attended by counsellor in Lagos Rakesh Sharma. He said that modern science had started accepting yoga and even the United Nations had started observing 21st June as the International Yoga Day.

A message from the high commissioner of India in Lagos was read out on the concluding day: “We want all nationals in Nigeria to benefit from this and start practicing yoga for peace, harmony and prosperity.”

Member of the organising committee Bimad Raj Sharan Sinha explained the importance of yoga and its combination of mind body and soul, which makes it a way of holistic living, “the need of humanity”. He said, “Several literature reviews have been conducted, which examined the impact of yoga on specific health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, and anxiety.”

The program ended with an appeal to the people from the organisers to practice yoga regularly with family.

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