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Indians stuck in ship under risk of contracting coronavirus appeal to PM Modi

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has tweeted that the Indian embassy is continuously trying to evacuate the Indians present in the cruise

Amidst worldwide coronavirus infection with epicentre in China, Indians stranded in Japan’s Diamond Princess luxury cruise have sent a video message requesting help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Binay Kumar Sarkar, who is a chef in the cruise’s crew, has said in a video message while addressing Prime Minister Modi and the United Nations that they are morbidly scared and arrangements should be made to evacuate them as soon as possible.

The crew member is heard saying in the video those inside are very scared. “Help us as soon as possible,” he says, adding, “There are currently 3,200 people on the cruise, with a sample of only 500 people examined. None of our samples has been investigated.”

It is seen in the video that some more people are standing around Sarkar, wearing masks. They are saying that they should be separated from the people on the cruise and they should be transported to their homes.

Sarkar says there are 162 crew members on the cruise. There are some Indian passengers too. At the moment, 90% of the people are survivors of infection. I want to tell Modi in particular that please try to get us out of here as soon as possible. He says that if the Japanese government is not able to help them, then the Government of India and the United Nations should directly come forward to help them. If the infection spreads, later help will be of no use.

On 25 January, a passenger landed in Hong Kong from this ship from Yokohama, which, upon investigation, found out that he had an infection with Karona. According to local media, 130 people on the cruise have been infected with the coronavirus, with 66 new cases.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has tweeted that the Indian embassy is continuously trying to evacuate the Indians present in the cruise. Sources say that none of the Indians on the cruise has been found to have an infection of the coronavirus. The statement issued by the cruise management on Sunday said that 21 Japanese, 5 Australians and 5 Canadians were among the passengers infected with the coronavirus.

The whole world is in panic due to the infection of Karona. In China, the number of deaths due to the coronavirus has crossed 900 officially — the actual figure could be much larger — while the number of confirmed cases has also crossed 40,000. The Chinese administration gave this information on Monday.

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