Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaIndians in Zimbabwe safe: Swaraj

Indians in Zimbabwe safe: Swaraj

Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that she was in constant touch with the Indian Embassy in Zimbabwe and assured that all Indians were safe in the country where unrest has triggered speculation of a coup.

Zimbabwe’s Army took control of the country and said it had President Robert Mugabe and his wife in custody. The Army said it was securing government offices and patrolling the capital’s streets following unrest.

Swaraj said there was no cause for concern for Indians.

“I am in constant touch with Indian Embassy in Zimbabwe.

Our Ambassador has informed me that Indians there are safe and there is no cause for concern,” she tweeted.

Earlier, the Indian Embassy in Harare, in a tweet, said, “Situation in Harare is calm. Embassy staff, Indian Community, both PIO (Person of Indian Origin) and expats are safe. No reason for concern and worry.”

The beginning of Indian presence in Zimbabwe goes back to about 1890 when Indian plantation workers in apartheid South Africa crossed over to the then Southern Rhodesia.

At present the number of Zimbabweans of Indian origin, who are predominantly from the province of Gujarat, is estimated at about 9,000, the mission said.

The strength of the expatriate Indian community is 500, it said.

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