Friday 27 November 2020
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Home Videos Indian politicos can't slam Islamic terrorism. Why?

Indian politicos can’t slam Islamic terrorism. Why?

In this debate conducted jointly with Satyanveshi Bharat, Sirf News explored the reasons that inhibit Indian politicians from condemning Islamic terrorism in as many words. The issue has arisen in the wake of President of France Emmanuel Macron naming “Islamic terrorism” as the culprit in the crime of beheading of a teacher last week. US President Donald Trump has, in fact, been vocal against this form of terrorism since 2017 when he famously said, “Islam hates us”. Why cannot India’s politicians speak with such clarity?

Why are we told every time terrorists strike that “terrorism has no religion”? However, when even an obscure outfit that has “Hindu” in its name is found becoming a law unto themselves, it is immediately branded as “saffron terror” or “Hindu terror”. Why so?

Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi a changed politician since his years as the chief minister of Gujarat? Is speaking the truth easier in the United States and France than it is in India? Are Hindus timid by nature or education? Has the history of centuries of servitude turned Hindus so? Is the Hinduism we practise today adulterated? What are the threats an Indian Hindu faces on speaking the truth? These are some of the questions that were explored in the course of the debate. The panellists offered solutions to the situation in their concluding remarks.

Indian politicos can't slam Islamic terrorism. Why?

Journalist Kumar Shri Kant, management consultant Ramesh Venkatraman, Hindu scholar Nithin Sridhar, a strong voice of Hindutva Akkhilesh Gautam, columnist Gautam Mukherjee and human resource professional Niharika Misra participated in the debate. Sirf News’ Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta anchored the debate.


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