Wednesday 20 October 2021
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India urges Denmark for fast extradition of arms haul accused

This was the first summit-level visit to India since the pandemic, and the first State visit by a Danish leader since a bilateral freeze on ties a decade ago


India again sought speedy extradition of Purulia arms drop case accused Kim Davy from Denmark as Prime Minister Modi hosted his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen for talks that saw the countries signing several agreements across a range of sectors and reaffirming commitment to a five-year action plan for the ‘Green Strategic Partnership’ they launched last year.

“Today we not only reviewed the progress made under this partnership, but also reiterated our commitment to increasing cooperation on climate change in the near future,” said Modi. He said that the countries had decided to partner in health and agriculture related technologies. To facilitate cooperation for green growth, India and Denmark signed four government-to-government and three commercial agreements.

“You are an inspiration for the rest of the world as you have set some very ambitious targets when it comes to clean water for over one million households and renewable energy, including offshore wind,” Frederiksen said.

India has been engaged with European partners to drop objections to an India-South Africa proposal at the World Trade Organisation in October 2020 that seeks to have all patents related to Covid-19 medicines and vaccines waived during the pandemic. When asked, MEA officials didn’t confirm whether Modi had raised the issue, but said Frederiksen had been “impressed” with India’s vaccination drive, and in particular the one-day record of 25 million vaccinations in September that she said was “five times the population of Denmark”.

“We know that Covid-19 is a major concern for the global community so this issue of how both countries are tackling Covid-19 came up for discussion….We remain engaged with our partners on the WTO [proposal], and it is taking its course,” said Reenat Sandhu, Secretary (West) at the MEA.

Frederiksen is the first Danish leader to be accorded a State visit since 2008, after which relations between the two countries soured over India demand that Denmark extradite its citizen Kim Davy, who was the accused in the massive arms dump case in Purulia of 1995.

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