India to buy more Israeli SPICE that devastated Balakot terror camp

About 300 Jaish terrorists were in the Balakot camp on 26 February when the IAF fired a SPICE bomb that pierced through the roof and exploded inside, killing all inmates


New Delhi: India is buying from Israel more SPICE bombs that reduced the terrorist camp of  Jaish-e-Mohammed to dust in Pakistan’s Balakot following the Maulana Masood Azhar-led terror group’s attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir. According to sources, the IAF is buying SPICE-2000 bombs from Israel to be integrated into its weapon systems.

The SPICE, which stands for “Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective”, is an EO/GPS-guided guidance kit developed in Israel, which converts otherwise unguided bombs dropped from aircraft into precision-guided bombs.

These bombs were derived from the “Popeye” (AGM-142 Have Nap) air-to-surface missile. Rafael Advanced Defence Systems of Israel manufactures the SPICE. It was integrated with the Israeli Air Force F-16 squadrons in 2003.

This bomb can be planted in a manner to demolish any building. The old version of this bomb was able to penetrate into a building and then burst inside the building — of the type that the US-led NATO forces had used during the First Gulf War to kill Iraqi soldiers hiding in bunkers.

The IAF used SPICE 2000 to eliminate the terrorists in a camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed, in Balakot of the Mansehra district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

According to information received from intelligence sources, about 300 terrorists of Jaish were hidden in the camp on 26 February when the IAF SPICE bomb created a big hole in the roof of the building, penetrated it and exploded inside, killing all terrorist-inmates.

Apart from this import, the IAF wants to add 30 fighter aircraft to its fleet, thereby increasing the capacity of the Indian offence and challenging the enemy in a more formidable way.

The SPICE bombs are of three types (SPICE 1000, SPICE 2000 and SPICE 250). A Spice 2000, which weighs 900 kg, has sub-types of MK-84, BLU-109 and RAP-2000 bombs.