Tuesday 28 June 2022
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India summons Pakistani diplomat for ceasefire violations over Line of Control

India reminded Pakistan of its bilateral commitment to not allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India in any manner

India summoned the Charge d-Affaires of Pakistan High Commission yesterday over ceasefire violation by Pakistan that led to the killing of four innocent civilians — condemning deliberate targeting of civilians by Pakistan. New Delhi has lodged a protest, saying Pakistan chooses the festive occasion of Diwali to disturb peace in every year.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) condemned the coordinated firing along the Line of Control (LoC) targeting innocent civilians in strongest terms.

The MEA said it had summoned the Charge d-Affaires of the Pakistan High Commission over unprovoked ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces in Jammu and Kashmir on 13 November on multiple sectors along the LoC.

Pakistan initiated unprovoked ceasefire violation along LoC spread across multiple sectors including Dawar, Keran, Uri and Naugam.

“It is highly deplorable that Pakistan chose a festive occasion in India to disrupt peace and perpetrate violence in through coordinated firing along the length of the LoC using heavy calibre weapons, including artillery and mortar on Indian civilians,” the statement said.

India protested over Pakistan’s continued support to cross border terrorist infiltration into India such as through supporting cover fire provided by Pakistan forces. India reminded Pakistan of its bilateral commitment to not allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India in any manner.

Pakistan carried out 4,052 ceasefire violations this year out of which 128 happened in November and 394 in October. As per the Indian Army sources, 3,233 incidents were reported last year. In retaliation, the Indian Army destroyed a large number of Pakistan Army bunkers, fuel dumps, and launch pads.

Around 7-8, Pakistan Army soldiers including 2-3 Pakistan Army Special Service Group (SSG) commandos were killed and 10 to 12 were injured in the retaliatory firing by Indian Army.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14 November reached Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to celebrate Diwali with Indian soldiers stationed at the border. This is the seventh year in a row that he is celebrating Diwali with jawans.

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