Monday 25 October 2021
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India lose ODI series: 5 big reasons for defeat

From poor team selection to the absence of regular openers, the odds were stacked against the team in the ODI cricket series against New Zealand


Hamilton, Auckland and now Mount Maunganui. In the three matches of the ODI cricket series, New Zealand beat India. Virat Kohli and his boys, who won the ODI series at home, made India face their worst defeat the last 30 years.

The performance of the Indian team in this ODI series was terrible. The team failed on many fronts, but here are the five big reasons for the series defeat.

India did not have a good opening pair

In ODI cricket, the strength of any team lies in its opening pair. Rohit Sharma got injured after Shikhar Dhawan. As a result, India landed on the field with two new openers Prithvi Shaw and Mayank Agarwal.

India did not get a strong start in any of the three matches. Mayank Agarwal and Prithvi Shaw added 50 runs in the first ODI but Team India lost the first wicket in the eighth over.

India’s opening partnership was broken in the third over in the second ODI. Agarwal was dismissed after scoring 3 runs.

In the third ODI, India lost the first wicket for just 8 runs, Agarwal was dismissed in the second over.

Virat Kohli could not motivate Team India

The failure of India’s captain in the ODI series was another big reason for the defeat. Virat Kohli made a half-century in the first ODI but he was dealt cheaply in the next two ODIs.

In the series, Kohli could score 75 runs at an average of just 25. Team India makes runs when inspired by Kohli but it became difficult for the captain to stay on the wicket in this series.

No bowler of India clicked

In the ODI series against New Zealand after the T20 series, Indian bowling was disappointing. Shardul Thakur gave away 222 runs in the whole series. Thakur’s economy rate was 7.97, which is an embarrassing performance in ODIs.

Jasprit Bumrah surprisingly proved to be a failure in the ODI series. He could not take a single wicket in the series.

Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Shami and Kuldeep Yadav, all had economy rates above 6.

Bad fielding

Bad fielding in ODI series drowned Team India that lost the first ODI of the series, despite scoring 347 runs, due to its poor fielding. In the first match, Kuldeep Yadav dropped the catch of Ross Taylor for just 10, after which he snatched the match from India by hitting a century.

Fielding Ramakrishnan Sridhar reasoned India was unable to practise fielding due to a lot of travel between venues.

Bad team selection

Team India’s poor selection in the ODI series proved a big reason for defeat. In the three matches of the ODI series, Thakur was given opportunities while he was not in a good form.

Rishabh Pant did not get a chance in a single match.

Despite being in good form, Manish Pandey was played in just one match of the ODI series.

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