Thursday 26 May 2022
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INC mulls over Plan A and Plan B to save MP govt

Chief Minister Kamal Nath delineates the two strategies in a meeting with the Congress legislators

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Efforts of the Indian National Congress (INC) are afoot to avert the crisis of their government in Madhya Pradesh. Eighty MLAs have been sent to Jaipur from the chief minister’s house in Bhopal. Apart from the INC, the ‘contingent’ includes four independent MLAs. The party has booked 44 villas of Buena Vista Hotel, Jaipur, for these legislators.

The MLAs will stay in Jaipur for three to five days.

Meanwhile, INC politician Arun Yadav said that the party would take a floor test on 17 March and win it.

Meanwhile, Karnataka INC’s troubleshooter DK Shivakumar in Bengaluru said, “No one can ruin the Congress. Leaders keep coming and going. The MLAs of who are here do not want to leave their membership. I am sure they will understand and come back and save the government.”

INC high command hyperactive to avert crisis

In the meeting held on Tuesday at his residence, Chief Minister Kamal Nath clearly told the MLAs that the party had the numbers and that it will prove a majority on the floor test. Kamal Nath claims that 19 MLAs who had gone to Bengaluru are in touch with him.

The party high command has entrusted the responsibility of persuading these MLAs to ministers Govind Singh, Sajjan Verma and DK Shivakumar. According to party sources, soon 19 MLAs will return to Bhopal.

Minister Sajjan Verma returned to on Wednesday after meeting 19 MLAs in Bengaluru. He claims that none of these MLAs (who have all resigned) wants to go with Jyotiraditya Scindia. “They were misguided and taken to Bengaluru. Most of them say that they are not ready to join BJP,” he claimed.

Troubleshooters sent to

The INC high command has decided to send three secretaries Deepak Bavaria, Mukul Wasnik and Harish Rawat to from Delhi. The party has been given them the responsibility of persuading the rebel INC MLAs to come back.

The three supposed troubleshooters will camp in for the next few days.

Meanwhile, Shivakumar is in touch with party MLAs who stayed in Bengaluru. After persuading the MLAs, he would bring the legislators first to Delhi and then take them to Bhopal.

Kamal Nath is going to Delhi. He may meet INC president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday.

Two strategies of INC

Plan A

Legislators who have gone to Bengaluru should be brought back to the party as soon as possible. If there must be a floor test, the INC can prove a majority with the help of MLAs who have gone to Bengaluru. If the MLAs do not agree, the INC government in will fall.

Plan B

All INC MLAs should resign. If the INC fails to convince the MLAs to resign, it can the MLAs it has been able to retain to resign. If 50% of the MLAs resign in the house and Chief Minister Kamal Nath recommends dissolution of the assembly, there will be a mid-term election.

The INC legislature party seriously mulled over the two strategies in their meeting on Tuesday.

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