Monday 5 December 2022
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Imran Khan sex tapes: 7 or 8 videos show bisexual orientation

Imran Khan sex tapes: 7 or 8 videos show bisexual orientation

Several journalists and mainstream media of Pakistan have vouched for the authenticity of the eight odd videos as well as audio recordings that implicate Imran Khan

Seven videos of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan are reportedly going to be released or leaked. Three of these are reportedly objectionable, with the cricketer-turned-politician shown indulging in sexual acts with a woman and also a man. Both his alleged sex partners were ministers in his cabinet.

Several Pakistani journalists have reported that some “very objectionable videos of Imran can come out at any time”. One of them, senior journalist Zafar Abbas Naqvi, said, “These videos are ready to be released or leaked and Imran Khan is aware of this. This is the reason why his social media team is in ‘pre damage control’ mode already.”

Naqvi said, “Very reliable sources say that there are seven or eight videos. Further, there are two audio tapes. These were to be issued immediately after the fall of the Imran government, but the month of Ramzan was going on. So they were put on hold and now they can be released at any time.”

According to Rizwan Razi, a former journalist with Business Recorder, “Some of Khan’s videos have been made in his luxurious house in Banigala. The longest video is 2 min 18 s.”

Curiously, neither Imran Khan nor his party is saying the videos are fake while Pakistani media says the videos have been put through a forensic audit where it was found they were authentic.

Speaking about the videos Naqvi said, “Imran Khan and his party have a good idea that the videos are going to create a stir in Pakistan. One of these videos is such that even talking about it is disgusting. Some audio tapes may also appear.”

One of these audio recordings was allegedly recorded in the car by Sheikh Rashid, who was the home minister in the Imran Khan government and subsequently sent to Pakistan Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa. This was a related development, though. It did not have much to do with the alleged sexual escapades of Khan

According to Naqvi, Imran khan and Sheikh Rashid were going to Banigala (the then-prime minister’s house) by car. Someone called and Khan started talking to the caller, covering several issues of national import. He mentioned the army and Gen Bajwa in a certain context. The then-prime minister said certain things that were critical of both.

The journalist reported that Rashid recorded the conversation and later passed them on to Gen Bajwa. Shortly after the incident, the Pakistan Army decided it was time for Imran Khan to go.

Back in the sordid saga, Imran Khan’s bungalow in Banigala, a luxurious property boasting of a swimming pool and a golf course, spread over several acres in a hilly area, is about 15 km from Islamabad. Even as Pakistan was struggling financially, Khan would commute every day from his home in Banigala to office by helicopter, but on the fateful day, he was going back home together with Rashid in a car.

According to Pakistani media, out of the seven or eight videos that have been made, three were shot inside Banigala. Naqvi says, “Sources close to Khan say that there are three videos of Khan, which have been made in Banigala. One of these videos was made when his government was about to fall and his workers were protesting on the streets.”

Senior journalist Imran Shafqat asked a question. He asked the leaders of the PTI to explain why one of the women was suddenly sent to London on a charter flight a few months back at midnight. This woman is said to have cosied up to several ministers of PTI. The woman was allegedly pregnant and was aborted in London.

Before the Khan government fell, the name of a certain Tiktok star Harim Shah figured in salacious gossips in political circles. He was photographed with then-Prime Minister Khan as well as Home Minister Rashid and many other leaders. Recently, the TikTok star was seen in videos with bundles pound-sterling notes. He challenged the Khan government to take action against him if it could.

The social media wing of Imran’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) got into a damage-control even before the video surfaced. Last week, Imran Khan had said that after Eid, his detractors may resort to character assassination to finish his political career, but in the Islamic republic, the statement wouldn’t help much.

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