Thursday 26 May 2022
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Improving quality of engineering students

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New Delhi: To improve the quality of students, Union Human Resource Development Ministry has come up with a set of plans. It is an attempt to better their employability and skills, providing competent technical manpower for the Make in India campaign.

Sources in the ministry said that perspective plans would be prepared for every State in consultation with the State government concerned for assessing the demand-supply situation projected for the next 10 years. This will be the guiding document while approving new institutions by AICTE.

Students for the technical courses shall be selected on the basis of performance in the single National Entrance Examination for Technical Institutions (NEETI).

The All India Council for Technical Regulations for admissions in technical institutions through National Entrance Examination, 2017, is approved by the Council for admissions starting from academic session 2018-19. The Regulation stipulates single test, conducted multiple times, by an Agency authorised by MHRD; and bans conduct of such exam by any other institution or university or agency.

At the time of admission, every student shall be put through a mandatory induction training to reinforce the fundamental concepts and the required language skills required for the technical education.

Every affiliating technical university shall constitute subject-wise industry consultation committee (ICC) with the mandate of examining the existing and for making suitable changes in the curriculum every year. This process shall be completed in the month of December each year for the courses to be offered in the coming Academic year. Each institution, while applying for approval, shall certify completion of this process, which will be mandatory.

Every student in a technical institution must do three internships each spanning 4 to 8 weeks before completion of the under-graduation. The responsibility will be on the institution for helping the students in finding suitable industry or organisation for the internship.

All students passing out of the undergraduate courses shall be imparted technical and soft skills required for working in the industry encompassing – managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, communication skills, team-working skills and technical skills.  

There shall be efforts at every level for promoting innovation and creativity in the students. The state will promote drives like Hackathon so that innovative ideas emerge.

The final exams being conducted by the institutions shall test the understanding of the concepts and the skill rather than the subject knowledge. A model exam format will be prepared and shared with the institutions and the technical universities for suitable adoption.

Every teacher in each of the technical disciplines shall mandatorily undergo an annual refresher course delivered through SWAYAM portal, encapsulating all the major advances in the field of their study. Online courses will be prepared and delivered through the SWAYAM platform for improving the pedagogical techniques of the teachers. The participation in the courses by at least 50% of the faculty will be a mandatory condition for approval of the institution. Similarly, there should be leadership training to the heads of the institutions once in 2 years. The SWAYAM platform will host the training, too.

At least half of all the programmes in the technical institutions shall be accredited by the NBA before 2022. Unless there is credible progress each year, the approval of the institutions can be refused. In order to assist the institutions in meeting the mandatory requirements for applying for accreditation, a separate mechanism will be put in place.

Ministry sources said that every institution should prepare an action plan for implementing the above initiatives along with the financial implications before June 2017. Whereas it is the responsibility of the institution for funding this action plan, AICTE may share a part of the cost of the above action plan that should not exceed Rs 100 per student per year.

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Vinod Kumar Shukla
Vinod Kumar Shukla
Senior journalist and political commentator

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