Thursday 9 December 2021
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Implicated in cases galore, Azam Khan tries to draw sympathy citing weight loss

Azam Khan faces a plethora of cases but he is near-invincible in Rampur where Muslim votes made him win at a stretch since 1980 barring 1996

Samajwadi Party MP from Azam Khan is campaigning for his wife Tazeen Fatima as a by-election for the Assembly seat is due. Amid a crowd in Rampur, he became emotional while talking about the cases against him. He quipped, however, that he was happy as the ‘ordeal’ had claimed 22 kg of his body weight.

Azam Khan had been away from since the Lok Sabha election. He faces many civilian and criminal cases. The farmers of the area have filed cases against Azam Khan’s Jauhar University. The politician, along with his wife and son, was interrogated by the police.

is witnessing campaigns by different parties for the by-election to be held for the Assembly seat.

On Saturday, Azam Khan became emotional during a public meeting, appealing for votes for his wife Tazeen Fatima. Azam Khan said from the stage, “After such a long journey of life, this fellow of yours is standing in front of you today, having lost 22 kg of body weight. That’s all you get after winning a parliamentary election.”

Talking about the loss of weight, Azam Khan said, “I still have not been able to pay the price of my victory in the Lok Sabha election. I do not know how much you have to pay for this victory.”

Azam Khan said, “If paste images of 100 robbery cases on a 100-year-old tree, the tree will dry up and fall.”

After the emotional outburst, Azam Khan said that he could not afford to withdraw from this fight or quit and run away.

Azam Khan had won the 2017 Assembly election from Assembly seat, but he later contested the 2019 Lok Sabha election as well from Rampur seat and won. After becoming MP, the Rampur Assembly seat got vacant. This is why a by-election for the seat is being held on 21 October. Azam Khan’s wife is contesting from this seat.

Local journalist Rameshwar Pandey said about the contest: “It will be after a long that Azam Khan will face a challenge from the residents of Rampur. In such a situation, there seems to be scope for the BJP to make a dent. will be a challenge for the BJP as well because it might not get a better chance to snatch away Azam Khan’s stronghold.”

Khan of the Samajwadi Party has held since 1980 except an interregnum in 1996 when he had lost to a Congress candidate. Considered a traditional stronghold of the Samajwadi Party, the seat will witness a four-cornered contest. Muslim votes are likely to be divided between the SP, BSP and Congress, although Tazeen Fatima could claim the largest share of the community’s votes. The BJP has fielded Bharat Bhushan Gupta from Rampur.


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