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Impeachment process against Trump now a blame game

Republicans and Democrats are doing little more than quibbling over who would blink first in the process of impeachment against President Trump

President Donald Trump on Monday targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He alleged that Pelosi was delaying hearing the impeachment motion in the Senate. She is trying her best to keep the Republicans away from the hearing, he alleged.

Trump, who is vacationing in Florida, tweeted that Pelosi bringing the impeachment motion was the most inappropriate action in US Congress history. The president alleged that Pelosi was now delaying the hearing in the Senate. “She is breaking the rules by doing so. What right does Pelosi have to delay the hearing?” he asked, calling her decision “unfair” and “negative”.

Hearing on the impeachment motion should not be delayed, Trump said.

Pelosi, MP from California, retorted by alleging that President Trump had already eliminated all the witnesses and removed documents by interfering in the House process. “Now, what excuse is he making?” she asked.

On Monday, Senate Republican leader Mish McConnell said his party was waiting for Pelosi to send the necessary documents to the House to begin a hearing on the impeachment motion. “We can do nothing unless the speaker sends the papers,” McConnell said. The case is expected to be heard next year.

Voting took place on 18 December in the House of Representatives (lower house) on the impeachment motion against Trump. Two motions were introduced in the House for impeachment against Trump.

The president is accused of abuse of power in the first motion. The second motion accused him of obstructing the work of Parliament during the impeachment hearing. During voting on both resolutions, Democrats voted against Trump and Republicans voted for him.

‘No refusal to witnesses in impeachment case’

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the ruling Republican Party in the Senate, the upper house of the US parliament, said on Monday that he had not refused to call witnesses during the impeachment process against President Donald Trump. McConnell, however, indicated that he was in no hurry to seek new testimony.

The lower house of parliament, the House of Representatives, recently passed a motion to impeach Trump. He is the third president in American history against whom impeachment proceedings have been initiated.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said about handing over documents related to impeachment to the Senate on Monday, “The House cannot elect managers associated with impeachment unless we know what kind of hearing the Senate wants to hear.”

On this, Republican MP from Kentucky McConnell said in an interview to Fox News, “Pelosi’s statement is clearly an attempt to tell us how to conduct the impeachment process?”

At present, there is a deadlock in this entire matter. McConnell said, “We cannot do anything in it until the Speaker of the House of Representatives hands over the papers to us.”

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