Impeachment Of CJI: Shame On Opposition

The rag-tag coalition of opposition parties, unable to come up with an alternative model of governance to impress the people; can only manage disruption to generate a mood of anti-incumbency; the devilish idea of impeaching an honest and efficient judge is part of that anarchist agenda


With the contemplation of bringing an impeachment motion in Parliament against Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, the opposition has stooped to a new low. They know fully that the motion will fall flat on its face. After no other party was convinced the TDP-YSRCP attempt to bring in a no-confidence motion would pass muster with Parliament, given that the opposition does not enjoy a simple majority either in the Lower or the Upper House, they still want to go ahead with the impeachment proposition, which demands a two-thirds majority. This would ensure that Justice Misra is debarred from hearing cases for a while till the impeachment proceedings are on. This, in turn, will keep the judge away from the hearings of the case of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute, the postponement of the verdict for which the INC’s Kapil Sibal had pleaded for. Furthermore, the rapid rate at which the judge was reducing the Supreme Court backlog was making these naysayers nervous. For, they revel in the complaint that no system in the country works. The party that planned it was the CPM, which is receding to irrelevance across the country’s map. While this may be its bid to stay in the news and, thus, prolong its stay in the deathbed, the oldest party in the country joining the chorus, along with an assortment of regional parties, is ill-advised. Reducing a judge with impeccable credentials to a tool for puerile politicking is unfortunate and condemnable. The nation is yet to recover from the unseemly sight of four senior judges of the apex court talking to the media with the ‘grievance’ that the CJI was not allotting them enough cases — with quite a few journalists standing behind rather than before the judges as if they were the organisers of the press conference! This even as the CJI was perfectly within his rights to exercise his own discretion for the allocation of cases.

The Narendra Modi government has quite wisely maintained an arm’s length from the controversy, not certifying Justice Misra in response to the insinuations directed at him by the opposition. It would otherwise create an impression that this dispensation had played an active role to appoint him as the CJI with some ulterior motive. However, some backstage management has become an imperative in the wake of the opposition’s impeachment contrivance. Without any functionary of the government getting embroiled in the dispute, members of the BJP who are not public office bearers must educate the people about the illustrious record of Justice Misra. Further, the opposition’s intentions must stand exposed. Surely, a laggard judiciary harangues the ordinary citizen and, therefore, underlining the commoner’s woes would bring the government closer to the people while alienating them from the desperate opposition. The few troublemakers within the judiciary should be on a notice, too. Unethical conduct in the profession of law is rampant, and it is the judiciary’s worst kept secret. They must be told their scandals will be out in the open.

A handful of State governments seeking special status for their respective provinces are equally poverty-stricken when it comes to creating political ideas that would work. As much as the INC, the TMC and the TDP do not have achievements to showcase. The DMK that was disgraced for running a corrupt dispensation in Tamil Nadu is now demanding a Dravida Nadu. And Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati are happy they have won two Lok Sabha seats by virtue of a poorly attended by-election, much as their nominees can stay MPs barely for a year after which all seats would face elections once again. Lalu Prasad Yadav is incarcerated for his involvement in the fodder scam. This pathetic, rag-tag coalition must be shamed for its inability to come up with an alternative model of governance, which they can share with the people via public meetings. All that they can manage is a disruption today, another tomorrow — to generate a mood of anti-incumbency nationwide. The devilish idea of impeaching an honest and efficient judge is part of that anarchist agenda. When the motion is defeated, they will come up with another unfounded common cause. Their bluff must be called.

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