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IMA may withdraw complaint if Ramdev retracts remarks

If Ramdev comes forward to withdraw his remark in its entirety, IMA will consider taking back the complaint and defamation notice: Dr Jayalal


Amid the ongoing tussle between yoga Baba Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association, IMA national chief Dr JA Jayalal said on Friday that the association has nothing against Ramdev and it will take back police complaints once the yoga guru withdraws his remarks against modern medicine. “We have nothing against yoga guru Baba Ramdev. His statements are against vaccination for Covid-19. We think his statements could confuse people, may divert them. This is our big concern as he has many followers,” Dr Jayalal said.

The exchange of barbs between the yoga and the medical association has been going on without any sign of de-escalation, though Ramdev withdraws the video from where it all started — where the yoga guru was seen commenting derogatorily on “allopathy” (erroneous description of modern medicine). It was claimed that he was reading WhatsApp messages and was not expressing his opinion.

But the tussle did not end as in another video the yoga guru was seen saying that nobody’s father can arrest him. He also lobbed 25 questions to IMA and asked why modern medicine has not found the permanent treatment of hypertension.

If Ramdev comes forward to withdraw his remark in its entirety, then the IMA will consider taking back the complaint and the defamation notice, Dr Jayalal said.

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand chapter of the Indian Medical Association responded to Ramdev’s 25 questions and challenged Patanjali Yogpeeth for an open, televised debate on modern medicine.

The modern medicine versus Ayurveda row took a new turn as Patanjali Ayurved Limited managing director and Ramdev aide Acharya Balkrishna accused the IMA of being part of a conspiracy to convert the entire country into Christianity.

Responding to this, Dr Jayalal said, “How does the question of religion even come here? This is purely a diversionary tactic by vested interests and nothing more. All my life I have served people without differentiating them on any basis and I would continue to serve them.”

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