Wednesday 22 September 2021
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ID Fresh Food complains to police about ‘slander’

The message about iD Fresh Food claims it 'mixes cow bones and calf rennet' to make the volume of its batter' and it 'only hires Muslims'

Food company iD Fresh Food has filed a complaint with the WhatsApp Grievance Cell and cyber crime police in Bengaluru, saying that a communal message has been circulating via WhatsApp claiming that it uses cow bones in its products. In a statement, the company said it had filed a complaint about the “misleading and false information being spread about our company and its products”.

The message doing the rounds about iD Fresh Food claimed that it “mixes cow bones and calf rennet” to make the volume of its batter” and that it “only hires Muslims” and is “halal certified”. PC Musthafa and his cousins Abdul Nazer, Shamsudeen TK, Jafar TK and Noushad TA had founded iD Fresh Food.

In a statement, iD Fresh condemned the spread of such slanderous messages. “We condemn the spread of such malicious rumours and misinformation and have taken the legal route to rightfully tackle this issue. We, at iD Fresh Food, would once again like to outrightly (sic) deny any of these baseless allegations that are purely intended at maligning the brand,” it said in a statement.

On 7 September, PC Musthafa had said that while he did not know who was behind the claims why he was doing this, there was no truth to them.

“As a society though, we need to step up and stop the spread of misinformation. Particularly in today’s times when the reach and effects of information spread on occur at such a rapid pace. We have seen distorted, inaccurate and false information acquiring the tremendous potential to cause real-world impact for millions of people,” Musthafa wrote.

The statement from iD Fresh Food stated that the company used only vegetarian ingredients to make its products. It said that, despite attempts to “malign” the brand, it had been growing and had even expanded to other countries such as the and the US.

“While we continue to abide by the law of the land, we at iD would like to extend our full support to Governments, institutions and corporates who are also fighting the online fake news menace,” it said.

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