Saturday 28 May 2022
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IAS officer who wants The Kashmir Files-like film on ‘killings of Muslims’ violated service code: MP minister

The Muslim officer might have reckoned it was clever to appreciate the film and then rob the filmmaker in the name of charity and also further the Islamic agenda

An IAS officer in Madhya Pradesh is realising that his job is at stake as a minister has taken umbrage at his publicly expressed wish of seeing films made on the theme of “killings of (a) large number of Muslims across several states”.

IAS officer Niyaz Khan, who is currently the deputy secretary in the state Public Works Department (PWD), had tweeted last week, “Kashmir File shows the pain of Brahmins. They should be allowed to live safely in Kashmir with all honour. The producer must also make a movie to show the killings of large number of Muslims across several states…”

In another tweet yesterday, the IAS officer congratulated the film’s producers on the movie touching the Rs 150-crore revenue mark, and said that since people had “given a lot of respect for Kashmiri Brahmins’ feelings” the ’s makers should “transfer all earnings to Brahmin children’s education” and build homes for them in Kashmir.

The Kashmir Files had a trump card up his sleeve. He asked the too-clever-by-half IAS officer for an appointment in Bhopal on 25 March. “We can meet and exchange ideas how we can help and how you can help with the royalty of your books and your power as an IAS officer,” Agnihotri tweeted yesterday.

The Muslim IAS officer, who is the author of eight books, has also said he is thinking about writing a book on the “ of Muslims on different occasions” so that the “suffering of minorities could be brought before Indians”.

Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishvas Sarang accused him of “firqa parasti (sectarianism)” and called for his removal from the PWD.

The minister told reporters that Khan had violated the IAS service conduct rules by making the comments, and added that he would complain against him to the personnel department.

“He has no right… The way he has started issuing statements and started a Twitter war, this is against the service rules,” Sarang said.

The Madhya Pradesh government has declared The Kashmir Files tax free, and given police personnel a day off work to watch the movie with their family. Last week, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan watched the movie at a special screening in Bhopal along with ministers in his government and BJP MLAs.

Agnihotri and actor Akshay Kumar are all set to attend the three-day Chitra Bharti Festival (CBFF) that begins on 25 March at the new campus of the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication.

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