Sunday 17 October 2021
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IAS officer in Kanpur uses house for Islamic conversion drive: Video

The senior IAS officer allegedly teaches lessons of Islam to local residents, some of whom are caught in the frame in the viral video


A video of a senior officer’s official residence in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral. officer Iftekharuddin, along with a religious preacher in his official residence, is heard in the video explaining the ‘benefits’ of embracing Islam in front of some people.

In the video, the Islamic preacher narrates stories to the audience. He says (translated), “Sisters and daughters are not burnt in Islam.” The tabligh (conversion) operative says, “Allah has given us such a place like Uttar Pradesh from where we can reach out to the whole country and the whole world.”

The preacher cites a book by former Vice President Hamid Ansari who is supposed to have explained reasons why Hindus will embrace Islam in large numbers in the book.

The senior officer allegedly teaches lessons of Islam to local residents, some of whom are caught in the frame in the video. Iftekharuddin is seen sitting on the ground as the Muslim preacher imparts lessons in the official residence of the IAS officer.

In the viral video, the Islamic preacher claims that recently a man from Punjab had converted to Islam, “so I did not invite him to a feast. However, we are associated with Tablighi Jamaat.”

“He accepted Islam,” the preacher continues, “then I asked him why he had accepted Islam, to which he said that because of the death of his sister, he had accepted Islam.”

The man from Punjab allegedly told this preacher that his sister was disrobed before the last rites, with people in the crematorium staring at her naked body, which embarrassed and shamed him. “I felt ashamed. I left the spot and wondered if the same fate awaits my daughter,” the man from Punjab allegedly told the preacher.

The man who is now a Muslim reportedly told the tabligh man the sight of the cremation ground made him think “there is no better religion than Islam”.

“I must confess,” the preacher says, “Such people are accepting Islam, such things are becoming reasons for people to accept Islam.”

The Islamic preacher’s claim is patently false. While some sects do follow a ritual of disrobing the dead before cremation, it is done in the privacy of the house of the deceased by a close relative, and not in front of a crowd, before the funeral party leaves for the crematorium.

Editor’s note

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya said that the matter had not yet been brought to the notice of the state government. “If anything like this has happened, an investigation will follow. The matter will be taken seriously.”

Bhupesh Awasthi, the national president of the Mutt and Coordination Committee, said, “I have seen the video, in which a lot of inappropriate things are being said against Hinduism. A lot of allegations are being made. Statements are being made in favour of Islam.”

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