Thursday 28 October 2021
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IAF swings into action for flood relief in J&K


Srinagar In the past 48 hours Indian Air Force mounted IL-76 sorties and pressed into action two AN-32 aircraft to airlift National Response Force (NDRF) teams and equipment from Bhatinda to Srinagar and Jammu Air Force Bases.

The HQ Western Air Command has opened a monitoring cell that is coordinating the efforts between all its bases including Srinagar, Udhampur, Jammu & Sarsawa apart from fixed wing effort from other bases. The IAF Command has alerted all its bases to a high state of readiness to respond to the emerging situation.

Today bad weather at Srinagar did not permit lauch of helicopter effort from there. Six sorties by Mi-17 IV and Mi 17 V-5 were launched from the Air Force station in Jammu, which evacuated 108 personnel from including 3 children of these 94 personnel were moved to safer areas. Many of them were stranded on rooftops, marooned in the floods.

The IL-76 airlifted 32 tonnes of load and 162 NDRF personnel to Srinagar, Where as two AN-32 carried 25 NDRF personnel and load of 4 Tonnes to AF Stn Jammu.

The IAF has assigned aircrafts at its bases at Agra, Chandigarh, Suratgarh and Sarsawa apart from those in area for the relief operation.

Army personnel have been rescuing flood victims as part of Mission Sahayata in Jammu & Kashmir for several days now.

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