Monday 25 October 2021
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IAF releases Sukhoi, Rafale videos; says ‘we defy death’

In the New Year video, while the Rafale and Sukhoi fighter jets get into a formation, the voiceover talks about the life of an IAF soldier


A video showing a glimpse of a soldier’s daily has been released by the Indian Air Force (IAF). In this video made by the IAF saluting the soldiers who are ever ready to protect the country, Sukhoi-30 MKI and Rafale aircraft are seen kissing the heights of the sky. The video released to congratulate people on the occasion of the new year talks also about the challenges faced by security personnel — difficult weather conditions and the constant encounters with enemies to name a few.

In the video, while the Rafale and Sukhoi fighter jets get into a formation, the voiceover talks about the of an IAF soldier, “A little storm can make you panic. Your feet may tremble, seeing the storm. But a storm or tornado is nothing for the people who serve the nation with blood. When I am fighting for the protection of the country, I have a proud smile writ on my face and a passion to eliminate the enemy. I am a warrior of the IAF and it is my nature to leave death behind.”

The IAF posted this video on Twitter on 31 December, which has already garnered more than 11,000 views. The engagement includes more than 4,000 likes and more than 800 retweets. While sharing the video, the IAF wrote in the caption, “Happy New Year to all from the Indian Air Force.”

Earlier, new chief Gen MM Narwane had greeted the people on 1 January.

IAF fighter jets

Combat aircraftOriginTypeVariantIn serviceNotes
MiG-21Soviet UnionMultiroleBison112
MiG-29Soviet UnionMultiroleMiG-29UPG66
Sukhoi Su-30RussiaMultiroleSu-30MKI242Total 272 on order
HAL IndiaMultiroleMk 11822 on order
Mirage 2000FranceMultirole2000 H/I41
Dassault RafaleFranceMultiroleEH/DH3Total 36 on order
SEPECAT JaguarUK/FranceGround attackIM/IS91

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