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I have to work on my consistency: Heena

Heena, 28, won a gold in the 25 metre sports pistol while creating a Commonwealth Games record at Gold Coast in April and a silver in the 10 metre air pistol event


New Delhi: Boosted by her gold and silver medal-winning performances at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, pistol ace is confident of doing well in the upcoming ISSF World Cup in Munich, but said she needs to work on her consistency.

The International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in the German city is scheduled to be held from 22 to 29 May.

Heena, 28, won a gold in the 25 metre sports pistol while creating a Commonwealth Games record at Gold Coast in April and a silver in the 10 metre air pistol event.

“I will be training in Pforzheim from 8 to 21 May and will also play a practice match on 13 May. And then we have the World Cup at the end of this month,” Heena said ahead of her departure for Germany.

“My main focus is on being consistent. I did well at the Commonwealth Games and also the World Cup in Korea after that. In fact, if you look at the scores, there was an improvement from the Commonwealth Games but I could not get any medal in Korea,” Heena said.

“I have noticed in my performance that I have been having one or two good series and then it is followed by a bad series. So I have to naturally work on my consistency.

“Shooting as a sport has changed now and now we shoot 7-8 days in a row so being focused and consistent is important.”

Heena started her career in 10 metre pistol shooting but also took up 25 metre sport in 2017 and has since been training with coach and husband Ronak Pandit.

“It is difficult doing three categories, 10 m air pistol, 25m sport and team event and all of them require time and lot of focus. Earlier I had 2-3 day’s rest between my events but now I shoot almost all the days of the tournament,” Heena stated.

She is aiming top scores in the run up to the Asian Games and the World Championship in August and September.

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