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Hyderabad rape and murder: Hate crime?

The rape and murder of a Hindu woman in a Muslim-dominated area near Hyderabad has led to this theory while the probe hasn't concluded

India today woke up to a horrific crime committed on the outskirts of Telangana capital Hyderabad where the burnt corpse of a 26-year-old woman doctor was recovered. At a distance from the spot, the police recovered her clothes and including undergarments. The victim has been identified; she was a veterinary doctor by profession. Sirf News is using the initials of her name, PR, complying with the law prohibiting revelation of a rape victim’s identity.

Veterinarian PR was a resident of Gachibowli area of ​​Shamshabad. She used to work in the Veterinary Hospital in Kolluru. She went there as usual on Wednesday (27 November), parked her scooter near the toll plaza of Shamsabad, Shadnagar. On her way back, her scooter got a flat tyre. She called her sister and said she was scared, as she could only see many unknown people around including truckers loading their vehicles.

Reddy’s sister advised her to park the scooter and hire a cab. But PR told her she had to go to work the next day and hence she needed the scooter. She added that some people had offered her help. She said she would call back in a while and hung up.

The sister received no call thereafter. The family tried to contact her after a few minutes only to find her phone switched off. The distraught family rushed to the toll plaza. Not finding PR, they filed a police complaint.

On Thursday, the police learnt that the burnt, naked body of a woman was seen near the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway under an under-construction bridge in an area adjacent to the police station. After the police reached the spot and found the charred body, they contacted PR’s family. She was identified from her clothes and the locket in the chain around her neck. The family confirmed it was PR.

The police suspect the victim was raped before she was murdered, based on the prima facie evidence that her clothes lay about 100 m away from the burnt corpse.

The police, starting its investigation in this matter, is studying the footage of CCTV cameras in the area and checking PR’s call records. Efforts are on to find out who offered her help when she had a flat tyre. Shamsabad Deputy Commissioner Prakash Reddy said that some unidentified persons killed PR and set her body on fire.

Hyderabad Police has detained a truck driver Mohammed Pasha and his assistant for questioning to solve the mystery of the murder of Dr PR. Both are residents of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. While the area is Muslim-dominated, and the victim was a Hindu, so far the police have got no evidence to support the hate crime theory.

Police have received information that a young man had taken the PR’s scooter to mechanic Shamser Alam at around 9:30 PM in the night of Wednesday and left it there.

People pleading for justice for PR on social mediums mostly suspect this to be an instance of hate crime. Actor Payal Rohatgi’s tweet about the crime has garnered thousands of retweets so far.

The National Commission for Women has expressed its concern over the murder of the woman vet in Telangana. Commission president Rekha Sharma told the media that it seemed that “wolves are roaming freely on the streets, waiting to pounce on just one woman”.

Sharma demanded that the perpetrators of the crime be arrested, tried and sentenced to death. She said that a member of the commission would visit the victim’s family and offer them help in every manner possible. She said she would coordinate with the police to see that action is taken at the earliest.

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  1. Be ashamed sirf news for adding word like ‘Hindu’, ‘Muslim’ and ‘hate crime’ in this article reported. Be ashamed that without any evidence you are making theories of your own about religion-based crime in such a sensitive matter. Be ashamed that such wrong reporting and such loose words here and there is what is like a spark to start off a religion based riot. BE ASHAMED.
    Our deep condolences with the family 🙏

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