Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Hyderabad crime: Modus operandi of rapist, killer Arif & gang

Unlike what was believed until yesterday, the victim's scooter did not get a flat tyre by accident; the criminals had hatched the plot in advance

Details of the gruesome gang-rape and murder of a veterinary doctor on the outskirts of Hyderabad have just reached the media. It has come to light so far in the ongoing police investigation that Mohammed Arif, one of the accused in this heinous act, had kept the victim gagged during the act of monstrosity by his gang so that no one could hear her screams.

The victim after failing to be heard pleaded for mercy for her life, to no avail. She probably died of asphyxiation before the criminals tried to obliterate the evidence by setting her body on fire.

The police say it was a -blooded crime where the accused had planned to deflate the doctor’s scooter tyres to carry out the crime.

The investigation has revealed that during the gang rape, the accused feared the victim’s cries would draw the attention of passers-by and they would be caught. Arif, therefore, wrapped a piece of cloth around the victim’s mouth.

4 accused in Hyderabad crime arrested

Telangana police have until now arrested four persons accused of gang rape, murder and burning of the victim’s body. Those arrested have been identified as Mohammad Arif, Naveen, Chintakunta Keshavulu and Shiva.

Police said that this incident of cruelty occurred between 9.35 PM and 10 PM on Wednesday night. Police said that after the gangrape, the accused loaded the doctor’s body on a truck and proceeded on the highway and bought both and diesel from a pump.

Once they found a deserted place, the accused threw the dead body of the doctor and sprayed and set it ablaze.

Hyderabad Police said that the accused were arrested on the basis of what they learnt from the interrogation of people and CCTV footage from the area. Commissioner of Police VC Sajjanar said that the conspiracy was hatched by the four accused. He said that on Wednesday evening, the four accused saw a standing with a scooter near the toll plaza.

Hyderabad criminal Mohammed Arif
Accused Mohammed Arif

The accused immediately planned the gangrape. Unlike what was believed until yesterday, the criminals had planned the rape in advance when they saw the doctor leaving (she had gone to Gachibowli) in a cab. They were ready to execute the crime when she returned to take her scooter around 9 PM.

She found one of the tyres of her scooter was flat. The police say the accused had deflated the tyre as part of their conspiracy. Around the time the victim called her sister over the phone for help, Mohammed Arif approached her on the pretext of offering help. Shiva, an accomplice, took the scooter away assuring the victim he would get it fixed.

The three men then forcibly took the female doctor to an empty plot nearby and gang-raped her. After abandoning the scooter, returned and joined the gang in raping the doctor.

The Nirbhaya-like incident in Hyderabad has shaken the entire nation. From the streets to social media, people want to see the accused dead. The victim’s mother has demanded that the culprits be burnt alive publicly.

The victim’s family say Cyberabad Police made them run from pillar to post rather than try to trace the victim promptly. If they had acted in time, the victim could have been alive, the family holds.

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