Thursday 21 October 2021
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Hussain was speaking to 12 people on phone while ‘rioting’

An important piece of evidence against Tahir Hussain: His house remained unharmed by the riots whereas all houses around his are damaged


After arresting three accomplices of councillor Tahir Hussain — Liaquat, Riyasat and Tariq Rizvi — the police have learnt that the politician was constantly in touch with 12 other people during the anti-CAA riots in his neighbourhood in north-east Delhi. This is besides the calls he made to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Okhla Gaon Amanatullah Khan before the riots, which Sirf News has already reported.

Liaquat and Riyasat live in Chand Bagh and Rizvi is a resident of Zakir Nagar. When Hussain was absconding after the violence, Rizvi kept him hidden in his house.

Of others those who were in contact with Hussain at the time of the riot, 12 have been served notices to join the inquiry. Tahir’s call details revealed that he was in constant contact with these people at the time of the violence.

An important piece of evidence against Hussain is the fact that his house remained unharmed by the riots whereas all houses around his are damaged.

Hussain and a murderous spree

The team of SIT and FSL today reached the Rajdhani Public School in Shiv Vihar for investigation. After investigation, SIT sealed the school for the time being.

The SIT has recovered Hussain’s licensed pistol and 24 cartridges from his house. The councillor was arrested for the murder of security assistant Ankit Sharma. The pistol and cartridges have been sent to the FSL.

The body of Sharma was recovered from the drain of Chand Bagh. Ankit’s family accused Hussain of and killing him. The SIT of the Crime Branch then arrested Tahir Hussain. Tahir is currently on seven-day police remand.

The SIT had reached Chand Bagh on Thursday for investigation. Eleven policemen, including Deputy Commissioner of Police Amit Sharma and ACP Anuj Kumar, had been attacked in this area. Head Constable Ratan Lal died of a bullet injury after being hit by a stone on his head.

The police have come to know that some people who had attacked the police team were in burqas.

Police officials said a youth named Ajay Goswami was shot near the house of Hussain. FSL will investigate whether Hussain’s licensed pistol was used to kill him.

Hussain has been named in four FIRs so far. After interrogating him, the police have recovered his mobile phone, which had been missing.

An important piece of evidence against Hussain is the fact that his house remained unharmed by the riots whereas all houses around his are damaged

People living in the neighbourhood of Hussain have given a statement to the police that his stepbrother Shah Alam was on the terrace along with other miscreants at the time of the violence. The police are trying to hunt him down.

The politician pleads innocent

According to officials, it is quite clear that violence was planned in the district. The SIT is investigating whether Shahrukh Pathan — who wielded a gun and pointed it at policemen during the riot — has any connection with Hussain.

However, during his interrogation, Hussain insisted that he was not present on the roof of his house; those were other people who had occupied the space. He claimed he had called the police control room (PCR) several times for help, but the police did not respond.

Hussain has demanded he be put through a narco test.

Flying in the face of his statements to the police, there are videos in possession of the cops that show him pacing up and down the roof of his house on one of the days of the riot, wielding a stick. Before his arrest, he had admitted on a television channel that the person was he, but he added that he was trying to scare away the rioters.

Then there is another video of the attack on the police team in the Chand Bagh area, where one of the attackers looks like Tahir Hussain.

Then there is the case of the burnt undergarments of a woman found in the basement of the house of the accused and the body of the woman recovered from a drain nearby.

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