Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsWorldHow Xi Jinping rule is being challenged again

How Xi Jinping rule is being challenged again

Less than a month after the fake news of a coup against China's permanent President Xi Jinping flooded in India and days before he is set to be re-elected at the 20th congress of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), the regime was left red-faced when banners calling for his ouster surfaced in Beijing. A Beijing-based journalist tweeted that the banners had slogans that opposed China's Zero Covid policy, called for a lockdown, a "revolutionary change", branding Xi as a "dictatorial traitor".

The authorities subsequently removed the banners after the videos and images circulated on social media.

Smoke billowed from the roadway where the banners had been placed before being removed in the Haidian district. "Let us strike from schools and from work and remove the dictatorial traitor Xi Jinping," one of the slogans according to a media report.

"We don't want Covid tests, we want to eat; we don't want lockdowns, we want to be free", another banner read.

Beijing's Zero-Covid policy which banks on restrictions, quarantines and repeated lockdowns have received massive criticism, even though the regime insists it has been effective in controlling the outbreak.

People of might have hoped that the zero Covid policy would come to an end after the 20th congress. But all their hopes were dashed after the Chinese media in an editorial "vowed to never lie flat on virus controls". Before the CPC Congress, officials rushed to curb outbreaks across the country and imposed new lockdowns and restrictions in major cities like Shanghai.

Translation of the tweet above: Today, a "reactionary slogan" was displayed on the bridge near the Zhongdian Information Building in Haidian, Beijing: "Don't need nucleic acid, you need to eat, don't be banned, you need freedom, don't lie, you need dignity, you don't need the cultural revolution, you need reform, you don't need a leader, you need votes, and you don't need to be a slave to be a citizen.". On the occasion of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it will be investigated as a major case.


— 方舟子 (@fangshimin) October 13, 2022

Translation of the tweet above: On the right, there is a slogan that is even more aggressive, calling for "strikes and strikes to remove dictatorial thieves" by name.

Due to the harsh Covid measures, economic growth has stalled while the real estate downturn is not going in the Jinping administration's favour. As expected, Xi Jinping's election will break the strict two five-year tenure limits set by his successors which were practised to avoid any ‘danger’ of a one-party being dominated by a single leader.

Under Xi Jinping, China's aggression towards Taiwan has soured the relations between Washington DC and Beijing. The relations with neighbour India are also tense following the 2020 Galwan clashes. India along with Australia, and US have formed Quad as an effort to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific against belligerent China.

has been accused also of massive human rights violations and oppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang province.

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