Tuesday 28 June 2022
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How pro-BJP, other anti-AAP groups reacted to AAP’s victory on social media

India against Corruption (this page is now managed by activists who did not join the Aam Aadmi Party from the original IaC)

Congratulations to Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party for landslide victory in Delhi polls! Here is a sobering piece of advice from Bhushan Senior:

Shanti Bhushan says Arvind has compromised on the party’s true objective to establish clean politics in the country. “…which is why he has lost the support of people like me.’

Calling the AAP’s pool of ministerial hopefuls lacking in talent, Bhushan questions how they will possibly fulfil their unsustainable promises. “I might have been able to advise Arvind, but I distance myself from his coterie. How will they get the money for 15 lakh CCTV cameras, building houses for each jhuggi dweller and for lowering VAT rates and living expenses.”

Touching on the controversy of alleged crooks in the AAP, Bhushan talks about reports of people paying Rs 2-3 crore for tickets. He terms this as a desperate move by Kejriwal who, according to him, had then thought only such people could win elections, not honest people.

“Now, how will he fight corruption when his own candidates will be looking to get back the money they had spent,” Bhushan says, giving example of Amanatullah Khan, who has won Assembly elections from Okhla. Bhushan calls him a “communal man”, who had put out communal advertisements at the party’s behest. He alleges the party had then asked Amanatullah to take the fall for it in exchange for a ticket.

Aam Aadmi Volunteers Action Manch or AVAM (a breakaway faction of the AAP)

AVAM congratulates Aam Aadmi Party and its hard working volunteers on overwhelming and landsliding victory in Delhi.

We hope AAP will deliver to the people of Delhi as per their expectations.

AVAM will play role of a constructive opposition against Delhi government in every assembly if things would not go in people’s interest.

Action Committee against Corruption in India or ACaCI (an activists’ group established by Subramanian Swami who, on joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, left this group)

Some Facts :

BJP in 2013 Delhi Elections 26,75,857 votes – 32 seats

BJP in 2015 Delhi Elections 29,36,390 votes – 3 seats

AAP is No More for Aam Aadmi (a group run by some pro-Bharatiya Janata Party Facebook users)

Dosto – Dilli koonj karo…Bijli pani wifi free hogaya hai…500 school aur 20 colleges banne wealey hai….15 lakh camera lagne waley hai (women sabse secure rahengi dilli mae) Aur sabko pakki naukri milne wali hai- contractor pratha khatam dilli mae

भाजपा का वोट शेयर वही का वही रहा है यानी 32.8%.. केवल .5% घटा … जबकि कांग्रेस का वोट 24.4% से घट कर 8.7% रह गया और यह पूरा का पूरा शिफ्ट होकर आआपा को गया है. इसलिए आआपा के रूप में दिल्ली में कांग्रेस का विकल्प उभरा है. – भाजपा का आज भी विकल्प नहीं है..

batlaजीत से डर भी लग रहा है:- केजरीवाल
Kejriwal- This Win is scary wink emoticon ..Dude – your fake promises will keep you scared only- Be prepared with excuses if you cant deliver

अपनी जीत का इतना गुमान न कर बेखबर, शहर मे तेरी जीत से ज्यादा मेरी हार के चर्चे हैं…!

आप की बहुत ही ‘आतंककारी’ शुरुआत- AAP will probe Batla house encounter where police has busted terrorist racket and shot 2 terrorist. One brave police officer was martyred too!
दिल्ली वालों, बधाई हो, तुम्हारे यहाँ बाटला हुआ है (ref: picture to the right)

ISI#‎ISI‬ ki taraf se shubh kamnaye India ko (ref: picture to the left)

Abhi to shapath bhi nahi li aur excuses shuru hogaye miya kejriwal and AAP?? I am just trying to think how aap supporters will also be blind in blaming center after this for your fake promises.

जैसे पहली बारिश के बाद ‘मेंढक’ निकल आते है वैसे ही आज अचानक ढेर सारे मेंढक बिलों मैं से निकल के फेसबुक पर दिख रहे हैं। इनमें ज्यादातर वो लोग हैं जो पिछले १ साल से चुप चाप मातम मना रहे थे। अकेले पूरा भारत जीता मेंढक चुप, महाराष्ट्र जीता मेंढक चुप, झारखंड जीता, हरियाना जीता, जम्मू कश्मीर तक जीत लिया मेंढक चुप थे। पर ये पहली बार दिल्ली क्या हार गए मेंढक उडने लगे। हो जाता है भाई, दूसरी पार्टियों को भी मौका मिलना चाहिये डेमोक्रेसी मै मोनोपोली नहीं होना चाहिये लेकिन ये भी ना भूलो की बुरी तरह हारे हैं तो बुरी तरह हराते भी आये हैं, कुछ निर्णय गलत पड़ गए होंगे। मै खुश हूँ कम से कम आप से हारे SP, BSP या TMC से नहीं। लहर शायद कुछ कम हो गयी है कोई बात नहीं अगली बारिश के बाद बिहार चुनाव है तब सुनामी लेकर वापस आयेंगे। (मेंढक से हमारा तात्पर्य किसी व्यक्ति या सम्प्रदाय विशेस से नहीं है). कुछ गलतिया BJP से भी हूई हैं शायद अति आत्मविश्वाश हो गया था लेकिन ठिक है गलतियों से सीखेंगे और फिर वापस आयेंगे मेंढको को जवाब देने।

मैं उन 33% प्रतिशत जनता को नमन करता हूँ जिन्होंने बीजेपी को वोट दिया और साबित किया कि अभी भी स्वाभिमानी लोग दिल्ली में बचे हुए है, ये अलग बात है कि लाचारों की संख्या ज्यादा हो गयी। बहुत सम्भव है कि दिल्ली चुनाव नतीजों के बाद भाजपा के आजाद शत्रु जैसे दुश्मन मुखर होंगे किन्तु हमें शत्रु ने नहीं सत्ता ने हराया क्योंकि हम सुशासन को सत्ता समझ बैठे जबकि सत्ता डंडे से चलती है जिसके हम हिन्दुस्तानी अभ्यस्त है !

The Frustrated Indian (a group critical of the AAP, but not always sparing the BJP either)

Congratulations to Aam Aadmi Party leaders, volunteers and followers. You deserve a pat on your backs for defeating the invincible BJP.
You’ll find a bitter but a constructive critic in us.

The good thing about Democracy is no one, even if it is the wily Amit Shah, can take people for granted. The better thing is, people are more impatient to see deliverance that they have very little time to wait to see how Governments deliver.
A bitter, but a better lesson for those who have come to power. Including AAP

Without meaning any disrespect to our West Bengal friends, we would like to say:

It is heartbreaking to see a mellower, less aggressive and helpless looking Sambit Patra on Times Now.
Go Sambit, slap Arnab Goswami, we are with you.

There are three kinds of people in this world:
1. Lucky
2. Unlucky
3. Shazia Ilmi

Can we now say EVMs were tampered?

BJP wanted a ‪#‎Congress_mukt_Delhi‬.
Little did they know Delhi junta had slightly different plans.

When BJP won Lok Sabha elections
They distributed sweets
AAP stared blankly
Congress distributed “Priyanka Laao Congress Bachao” posters
When BJP won Maharashtra elections
They distributed sweets
AAP stared blankly
Congress distributed “Priyanka Laao Congress Bachao” posters
When BJP won Haryana elections
They distributed sweets
AAP stared blankly
Congress distributed “Priyanka Laao Congress Bachao” posters
When BJP won J&K elections
They distributed sweets
AAP stared blankly
Congress distributed “Priyanka Laao Congress Bachao” posters
When AAP won Delhi elections
They distributed sweets
BJP stared blankly
Congress distributed “Priyanka Laao Congress Bachao” posters
You see how congress is the most consistent party. A true visionary Rahul Baba is

As soon as AAP leader Amanatullah Khan won from the Okhla constituency, he uttered these golden words:
“Batla House encounter was fake, will demand probe”
Such massive mandate also makes AAP leaders a walking embodiment of justice who can issue sweeping statements and term police and military operations fake. The secular agenda of the secular leader of the secular party that has just stormed to power riding on secular votes is crystal clear.
This was not one of the AAP promises folks. As I said, we are watching.

62 out of 70 Congress candidates forfeited their electoral deposits.
What is the opposite of wave? Storm? Tsunami? It’s lull.
We now have definite proofs that there is a LULL in the nation.

For TLDR Crowd: AAP did a lot of good things and BJP committed a political Hara-Kiri
This result is beyond the comprehension of the best psephologists, data analysts, political analysts and enthusiasts. I have been a bitter critic of Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party. But, we got to accept that the man has proved us all wrong. No I am not trying to eulogize him or saluting the rising sun. I am just trying to present facts as they are.
The truth is BJP gave away Delhi to AAP on a golden platter. There are many reasons behind the rout of the BJP in the national capital. I am just listing some of them.
What BJP did wrong?
1. Sluggish and Lackluster campaign: BJP generally known for its agility and its ability to attack its foes with all its might was snoozing ever since Arvind Kejriwal stepped down. While Arvind Kejriwal never wasted a moment in playing the victim, blaming BJP(along with occasional mentions of Congress) and consolidating voter base with his pad yatras and campaigns, BJP Delhi chose to chill and lay back. BJP Delhi was divided over going for fresh polls and many a times they made their dissent public. They woke up just a month before elections and it was too late by that time. Delhi BJP was again divided over Kiran Bedi’s ascension as the CM candidate and that showed in their campaigns. The campaign ultimately became a mudslinging fest and it was very different from the “Vikas” agenda that BJP is known for
2. Last Moment CM Candidate: I do not doubt the credentials of Kiran Bedi. She is an inspiration for us all. Not all are gifted with the power of oratory but the fact that she was a doer was her major USP. But she could have been roped in a couple of months earlier. Before Delhi got to know about her, elections happened. An early induction would have pacified the Delhi BJP unit too.
3. Complacency: BJP Delhi was a relaxed unit which was relying heavily on the Modi wave and the astute planning genius of Amit Shah. They were very confident of retaining their “unshakable” seats and winning a couple more for a decent majority. They failed to read Delhi’s mood.
4. Sadhus and Sadhvis: Delhi is not Uttar Pradesh or Bihar where Sadhus and Sadhvis matter or matter a lot. The chances of their speeches backfiring was always a huge possibility. The Ramzaada-Haraamzaada episode was in a very bad taste and so were the unsolicited advises of Sakshi Maharaj. It is time for BJP to get rid of these fringe elements who terrorize in the name of Hinduism. An ordinary Delhi voter will always give Bijli Pani a higher priority than Ramzaada – Haramzaada
5. Personal Targeting: While Kejriwal did a Modi on BJP by putting his agenda at the forefront, BJP tried doing a Kejriwal on Kejriwal by personal jibes and remarks against him. They made Kejriwal a bigger hero/martyr/cult with each personal remark.
6. Hiring rejects: BJP hired rejects like Ilmi, Dheer and other from AAP. These fellows made it to the MLA chair (Ilmi almost did) riding on the mass hysteria that AAP is. But individually these guys are nobodies. Hiring outsiders also caused a lot of dissent in the state unit.
What AAP did right?
1. Relentless campaigning: AAP never stopped campaigning ever since Kejriwal stepped down. They were everywhere. Their posters stared at us, their surveys stayed on our subconscious, and their volunteers were all around us. Even after leaving Delhi, they never left Delhi
2. Innovative campaign: We got to admit that the Mufflerman campaign, Flash mobs, Janata ka CM poster, 5 saal Kejriwal song, T Shirts & Goodies and Delhi dialogues were way better than Kureel’s cartoons or paanch sawal roz.
3. Agendas at the forefront: Unlike last time, AAP this time didn’t go down and dirty. They weren’t too vitriolic. They kept on repeating their agendas and stayed away from needless mudslinging. They never said a word against Bedi (Kumar Vishwas being an exception)
4. Kejriwal’s transformation into a shrewd politician: Kejriwal has learnt his lessons rather quickly. From an aggressive “Yes I am an anarchist” to a mellower “I am sorry for resigning” is quite a remarkable change. Also he never missed a chance to criticize BJP. When BJP talked about his Gotra, he appealed to the entire Aggrawal samaaj reminding us of Modi’s Neechi jaati rhetoric when Priyanka Gandhi accused him of doing Neechi politics. Good job there!
5. Anti-Incumbency against BJP: This is one of the most important aspects of AAP’s strategy. They successfully created an anti-incumbency sentiment against both Congress and BJP, while the last time BJP won the state elections in Delhi was 16 years back. When lies are repeatedly told, they start appearing as truth. Kejriwal surely loaded a lot of gullible minds with the notion that “BJP and Congress are looting the nation together”
In the end: Those who say Narendra Modi is not a force anymore should be prepared to eat their words. He still is a big force but BJP cannot afford to be complacent. I am a big big critic of Kejriwal and I do not think that he is a doer.
He has transformed from an activist to a politician but he has to become a leader and a statesman to command the same respect and trust that people bestowed in him. His Center-Left ideology is harmful for the corporate and commercial hub that Delhi is. His romanticism and his populist agendas as unrealizable and Jan Lokpal is not the one stop solution for curbing corruption.
We wish Delhi Wallahs all the best. We wish AAP and Kejriwal all the best. It is time to work now.
The Frustrated Indian is watching you!
Atul Kumar Mishra

The whole content above comes from different Facebook pages; it has been reproduced unedited.

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