Sunday 28 February 2021
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How police tracked down rapists, killers of Hyderabad vet

How footage from CCTV cameras in different locations and a tyre mechanic's statement led the police to the four accused of the barbaric crime

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Crime How police tracked down rapists, killers of Hyderabad vet

After finding out the extent of barbarity meted out to a woman veterinarian by the accused, Telangana Police have shared information as to how it tracked down the four culprits. Furthermore, it is now known that while gagging the victim so that her cries for help do not reach passers-by on the road nearby, the accused had also forced alcohol into her mouth to silence her.

The four accused, aged between 20 and 26 years, told police while in the remand that the victim had parked her Scooty (a brand of low-powered scooters) at 6:15 PM on Wednesday, as the accused watched her movement. The victim then went to see a dermatologist by taxi.

Meanwhile, the four accused Mohammad Arif, Zulu Shiva, Zulu Naveen and Chintakunta Keshavulu, who are drivers by profession, punctured a tyre of the Scooty. The four then went high on alcohol before attacking the victim.

When the victim returned at 9:15 PM, the four accused reached her under the pretext of help. They told the police that they saw the victim talking on the phone. As one of them took the scooter away, pretending to get the tyre fixed, the other three walked her down up to some distance, got her into a vehicle and then took the victim to a bush near the toll gate and switched off her phone. When the woman tried to make noise, the accused put alcohol in her mouth to silence her.

Burnt the body 27 km from the scene, police told

The four accused then raped the woman until she fainted. When she regained consciousness, an accused pressed her face and held a firm grip on her mouth until she died.

The accused then wrapped her body in a blanket and took it 27 km away by a truck. After this, they threw her body from atop a flyover, went down, poured petrol and diesel on the dead body under the bridge at 2:30 AM and set it on fire.

The remand report also states that the truck driver, one of the accused, did not have a valid licence for the past two years. His truck was stopped a day before by the authorities as he did not have valid papers. But the truck was not seized as the driver had removed the cable that ignites the fuel chamber of the engine to start the vehicle.

Mechanics and CCTV disentangled the knot

Due to a tyre mechanic and CCTV footage, the police succeeded in solving the case within 48 hours. The first clue, in this case, came from the tyre mechanic.

The victim had told her sister when the Scooty had broken down, some unknown people had approached her, pretending to help. The mechanic told the police someone had brought a red coloured Scooty to inflate the punctured tyre.

After this, the police reconstructed the sequence on the basis of CCTV footage. Upon investigation, two of the accused appeared with the Scooty. In the second footage, a truck was seen standing on the road for a long time, but its registration number could not be seen.

When the police looked for older footage, it was found that the truck was brought there 6 or 7 h before the incident and parked there. The truck owner Srinivas Reddy was contacted. He could not identify the person seen with the scooter on CCTV but told that the truck was with Mohammed Arif.

Other police teams were trying to find out from which petrol pumps petrol and diesel were bought. One of the teams found some relevant footage from the CCTV installed at a petrol pump in Kothur, where the accused were seen carrying petrol in a bottle.

The footage had the same accused who had gone to the tyre mechanic. Sources said that the accused had started drinking alcohol from the evening.

Based on the location of the mobile phone towers that caught their conversations and information received from the truck owner, the police first arrested Arif and then the other three accused.

Three cops suspended for dereliction in duty

Three policemen have been suspended for the delay in filing an FIR in connection with the disappearance of the vet. Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said that they had been suspended after investigating the allegations made by the family of the victim about the police.

The family had said in their complaint that the police had not taken timely action on the victim’s disappearance, using excuses like the area of jurisdiction of a thana.

Sajjanar said a thorough investigation was conducted, after which the sub-inspector responsible and two constables under him were suspended.

The commissioner said all the police officers have been instructed once again to register a case immediately after a complaint related to a cognizable offence reaches a police station, irrespective of whether the matter is under their jurisdiction or not.

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