Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaHow Noida Authority plans to fight dog menace, structural irregularities in neighbourhoods

How Noida Authority plans to fight dog menace, structural irregularities in neighbourhoods

The new rule entails, among other things, mandatory registration of every pet along with a payment of a registration fee using the app of the Noida Authority

Following several instances of attacks on people by pet dogs of others and an unsuccessful attempt by some residents’ welfare associations to fight the menace through regulations that the municipality struck down, the Noida Authority convened a meeting to come up with a policy for pets, additional vehicles sanctioned for police, policies for structural audits of buildings, as well as the completion of proposals before issuing a tender for the Noida heliport.

The new rule entails a mandatory registration of every pet dog or cat along with a payment of a registration fee using the pet registration app of the Noida Authority (NAPR), where the last date will be 31 January 2023. Further, sterilisation and anti-rabies vaccines are now mandatory, with a Rs 2,000 per month fine to be applied from 1 March 2023 onwards.

Further, the Noida Authority will provide shelters at its own expense with the consent of Resident Welfare Associations, in which sick and aggressive dogs will be confined and maintained by the RWAs. Feeding spots will be set up and marked with a board.

It will be the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their pets. Beginning 1 March 2023, pet owners will have to pay a Rs 10,000 penalty if they are involved in incidents causing injury to people or animals, and they will also be responsible for their treatment.

Noida Authority rules for buildings

As for the rules applicable to structures, IIT, NIT or other expert institutes will submit proposed structure policies and a structural audit report before the Noida authority issues partial or full occupancy certificates. Thereafter, if 25% or more of the allottees of the apartment owner associations complain about defects, a committee of the authority will decide if it is a major or minor issue, with the former being examined by experts.

The legislation mandates that from the date of issue of occupancy certificate, it is the builder’s initial responsibility to remove defects, while after five years it would be that of the AOA.

The authority noted that in the allotment of assets through e-auctions, disruption was being caused by excessive bids. In the future, those not taking the plots will forfeit their registration amount.

As many as 55 new vehicles will be provided to the Gautam Buddh Nagar police. In October, 14 vehicles had been provided, and the police had previously highlighted a shortage of available vehicles.

The heliport tender is also moving apace. According to CEO Ritu Maheshwari, “The amended Request For Proposal for the heliport has been approved. A tender will be floated soon.”

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