Saturday 4 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaHow new PNR rules beginning 1 April would help travellers

How new PNR rules beginning 1 April would help travellers

This is how a combined PNR for travel to a destination by two trains help if you miss the second due to the delay of the first

New Delhi: Railway passengers will get a new facility from 1 April. Indian Railways will now issue a combined passenger name record (PNR). That is, now if a rail passenger travels in one train after another in one trip, he will get a joint PNR.

With the introduction of this new rule, if the first train of the passenger is delayed and, due to this, the next train leaves, he will be allowed to cancel the further travel without any payment or penalty.

Second train refund now easily available

So far, if you booked two trains for a trip, two PNR numbers were generated in your name. This PNR number is a unique code that gives information about the train and the passenger. After the introduction of the new rules, two PNRs will now be linked, meaning that a combined PNR will be released. After the introduction of the new rules, it will be easier to get refunds than before.

Conditions for refund

Under the new rule, there are some conditions for a refund if there is a for ticket cancellation with a combined PNR number.

  1. The details of the passenger on the two tickets should be the same.
  2. The station at which the first and second trains arrive should be the same.
  3. These rules apply to all classes — whether you book tickets online or from a ticket counter.

New rules made for refund

  1. If you do not get the refund from the station, you can file a TDR, which will be valid for three days.
  2. You will have to file the TDR at the station where your first train reached and where you missed the other train.
  3. You will get the full travel fee for the cancelled ticket back when you tell the reason for not getting another train due to the delay of the first in the TDR.
  4. If you have booked a reservation from the counter, you can cancel the ticket of the second train within three hours of the arrival of the first train. The refunded amount can be collected from the counter.
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