Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaHow Isis, al Qaeda terrorists plan to attack India

How Isis, al Qaeda terrorists plan to attack India

In a big operation on 26 July, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Nadu Police Erode-based sympathisers of the Islamic of Iraq and Syria (Isis) Asif Mustheen and his associate Yasir Nawab John and recovered a knife, a black Isis flag, other pieces of incriminating documents and digital media devices from their possession. Highly placed intelligence sources said these suspected terrorists were on the radar of the agencies for some time.

Sources said Mustheen was in contact with Isis-Core in Syria and/or Iraq. He was willing to carry out a fidayeen (suicide) attack in India with the intention to target Hindus, monasteries and police stations.

In another IB operation on 24 July, Bengaluru Police had a city-based pro- subject Akhtar Hussain Laskar, who originally hails from Assam. Based on information received from Hussain’s confession, Nadu Police one of his Salem-based associates, Mohammed Juba, who hails from West Bengal.

Both Akhter and Juba were propagating ideologies through social media platforms, the sources said. The two were in contact with various Bangladeshi, Afghan as well as India-based radical Muslims who support the terrorist organisation.

Police tracked down Adil in Tamil Nadu. According to the CCB officials, Adil was staying in Bengaluru and was in constant touch with Akthar. However, a few days ago, he left for Salem. The reason for his movement was unknown.

"They also intended to do ‘hijrah’ (leave their home to migrate) to Jammu and Kashmir and join ranks for jihad against India," sources said, terming the arrests significant, given that the men had plans to carry out their nefarious activities ahead of Independence Day.

"They are upset and wanted to carry out the agenda of Isis and al Qaeda. They were radicalised on social media. The initial investigation suggests that they searched for all kinds of ‘Jihadi’ material on the internet. They were closely following the developments in the ‘sar tan se juda’ cases and were trying to arrange material for a major attack."

NIA raid follows

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday raided a house in Erode, Tamil Nadu and detained two youths for allegedly having terror links. The youths have been taken into custody for interrogation. The NIA was tipped off that people linked to a terrorist network were hiding at a residence in Erode's Manikampalayam town. The inputs were given by a person who was recently by the agency over his connections with terror groups.

Apart from the detention of two persons, the NIA seized documents, smartphones, laptops, diaries, SIM cards and a passbook. Further investigation into the matter is underway.

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